Monday, 17 October 2011

Sewing with the wrong glasses!

Sewing whilst watching the telly last night - a dangerous game as I need two pairs of glasses (should get bifocals really).  So I either see a blurry telly or blurry sewing!  Well the result is this:
What I really need are two eyes that can move independently from each other!!  That way all events are covered!  On top of this I chose silly fabric for the white - too thick - as a result of that my fingers were aching by the time I finished the wretched thing!  Changed glasses at the final hurdle only to find I had missed all sort of stitches...grrr Still it is only for pins.  Made this with some little scraps left over from the CK make.  My sisters are planning a trip to London to track my purses down in her shop


  1. You're such a dark horse Jenny, or are you just modest?!! Had no idea you were selling at HER shop, what an honour. Hopefully your sisters won't find any of your purses left - they will all have been SOLD!! And what about your article in Molly Makes? Please tell me more. Also need an update on Homes and Gardens - when is it out?
    Sorry to be so demanding, but I need to know! Mary XXX

  2. Hello Mary - having cracked the log in to make a comment lark I then forgot my password and had to start all over again. Blogging is not really for me!
    It has been a time of minor excitement in our house - all the purses were sent off to CK HQ. I was very anxious about it all. Soo pleased when I heard that they were very pleased and being sold in the Covent Garden and Marlybone stores! Who knew!! Not sure when and too coy to ask! Mollie Makes only came about because I sent in an idea for readers to make and they liked the photo so asked for more - before I knew it they said they were going to do a little article. Who knew! Homes and Antiques visited in the summer and spent all day (a very long day) taking photos - that will be out next summer (they took photos of the children by 'our' beach huts!) Who knew again!!
    This all sounds as though we live life in the fast lane - not at all. Got a pile or ironing and marking to get on with. Essay due in very soon and should have finshed it ages ago!!
    Take care and love your egg cups!

  3. This is such a marvellous technique (the cathedral windows), where do I learn how to do that? You clever duck!

  4. isn't her sewing is good as anything? detailed and lovely.

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