Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Still clearing out stuff....

It can be tricky deciding what to 'hang on to' and what to move on to pastures new.  I keep a selection of nice childhood things that I think the children will want in later life - all too often I put things by the front door (ready for a new home..) and then change my mind.  I have already donated a little wooden cot to my local charity shop (who, by the way, are asking extraordinary prices for some of the things that I have previously donated) - this one is particularly nice I think.  I am thinking of making a little Miffy quilt for it. What do you think?
When I took this 'photo I rememberd a vintage Galt puzzle that I have - I do love the graphics on these puzzles, I have a few of them.

Then I started a bit of tin rearranging..then a whole morning goes by and I still haven't finished my bloomin' essay!


  1. Those little cots are snapped up by ladies using them for display at their vintage fairs! Great for holding cushions, pictures etc. I know what you mean about tin rearranging - its a great stealer of time. Loving the little Polish doll.

  2. A top tip Wend - I must go and visit some of these fairs and get some ideas I think!

  3. I love Miffy so a quilt would be smashing! I love everything in your two photos.