Sunday, 4 July 2010

A Dolly Darling has come for tea

Do you remember these?  My sister and I loved them and would save pocket money for several years to buy one - we had built up a nice little collection over the years and eventually (as is the way of most things in life) they were put away (in a very nice vanity case I seem to remember) in the loft.  Spin forward in time many years - I had left home, all my sisters had left home and my mother was about to leave that home.  My brother had returned home (from one of his many sojourns abroad) and was helping to clear out that loft - along with my old doll's house all of our treasured Dolly Darling collection was thrown away.....and burnt.....Fast forward a good few years and about four years ago I 'found' my favourite (school days)  Dolly Darling for sale.  Back together again


  1. Burnt?? That's too horrible!
    I LOVE Dolly Darlings. I had a couple when I was little and a few years ago decided to get one that I saw on Ebay. This started one of those mild obsessions, and I now have quite a few. I even started a Flickr group for them.

  2. Men can be SO insensitive! What decade are these, as I can't remember them. (I was probably in my 30s at the time!)