Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Do not read this post!

Well, only read it if you have a bit of time to spare....I go on a bit!

Just another kindly reminder about not posting on pinterest please....still seems to be missed by people....

Made a few of those over the weekend - these have been burning in my mind for ages!

To my dismay I found that I had no sandpaper for finishing - so I had to use the very, very coarse sandpaper off the sanding belt.  After I took these photos I went to B&Q and bought some kinder stuff

I think that they are quite purdy!

Trying to be arty again....

In case you were wondering (!) this is a different Peter Rabbit fabric  to one used for the bunting I posted about the other day - this is the pinky version of that fabric.  I think that is purdy too!!!

It also comes with a white background....oh dear.....

Remember how I said that I like things to match up....

The top block I made with an old Ladybird illustration.  

I am making a raft of these....for why I do not know!!

I have also made some of these with some very colourful original 70s wallpaper! 

As they might clash with these ones I will post those a different time

Just catching up with some other photos from the past week or so

Dom (Dominic) made his soda bread on St Patrick's Day (it is made quite often in our house...by Dom). Dom is Irish - the children have Irish passports - Bronte's middle name is Erin, Maille's is Onora,  Maille does Irish Dancing every Monday night, I like a pint of Guinness now and again, I can play Danny Boy on the piano, Dom takes his rugby and the Six Nations very seriously, Finbar Fury used give us his old Topper comics when I was a child (a long story),  I have met 'The Dubliners' and the most marvellous late Ronnie Drew and Banjo Barney.  The Dubliners make me cry....The fields of Athenry....


He made some lovely soup to go with it and surprised me by getting out green plates for the bread.

No presents needed for Mothering Sunday - just tea and cake required  (though Bronte made a lovely card and Maille wrote a lovely poem - more than enough).

We have got one or two cups, milk jugs and teapots in our house.........ahem.......... but these ones crop up time and time again....I think it is because they are at the front of the cupboard.  I promise a change around for Spring

I know that it is a bit dull to see endless pictures of tea and cake but it is a mainstay in our house.

I use my fingers to eat cake....Dom uses a fork...we are all different....

Lemon drizzle was my choice for Mothering Sunday.

Cake close up  (in reality practicing with camera...still)

Fire still required to keep us warm

Had some nice things happen this past week - some unexpected kindness from various sources at work (unexpected so extra niceness)  and also dear Alex from Vintage Parade emailed me to say that a photo of my stall that I had at her fair last year was in this months (I think) Pretty Nostalgic magazine. 
 I have not read this magazine before but seen the blog on-line - anyway here is a link to Alex's website and more kind words 
If you squint you can see me hiding behind my bunting 

So let us review: Cath Kidston commission - check!
H&A mag - check!!
Mollie Makes mag - check!!!
Pretty Nostalgic little photo - check!!!!

What have I got to complain about - if I had half a business brain I would have an empire by now!

Final check will be attempted this June when BBC Antiques Roadshow arrives FIVE MINUTES walk from my house!! My sisters and I will be doing EVERYTHING possible to be seen in the background - grinning inanely and perhaps waving to YOU!! 

Ha ha. 

Such fun

Doors being widened again to accommodate head enlargement!

Sadly I have another essay to write and a growing pile of work to do so must press on with reality.....


Thank you for calling round it is greatly appreciated and comments are my motivator for keeping going

PS You do realise that it is nearly a quarter to April!!!

PPS: Was intending to do a follower giveaway this side of Easter but as time slips through my fingers as sand in an hour glass I might have to make it a Spring giveaway instead!  Keep those eyes peeled....

PPPS: The wooden building blocks belonged to the children when they were little - all odd, different sizes, not 'special'


  1. Beautiful blocks Mrs. Custard, you are quite the talented one! I wonderful can be so bold as to ask where you purchased these wooden blocks from? My niece will be one in April and i would love to make her something like this.
    I love all your matching of fabrics and frippery it is truly a wonder to behold.
    ps. Antiques Road show was held in my seaside town a year or 2 ago and its great fun to go to xox Penny

    1. Oops its late,I meant to say "wonder" instead of "wonderful"

    2. Ahem again - your correction is noted and appreciated
      Night, night
      Best wishes

  2. Ahem Penny - I am still up too. These are old wooden blocks that the children used to play with - so a mix of different sizes. You could also saw up a piece of two by two (as they say in the trade!)
    Thank you for kind words dearie
    Best wishes

  3. I must say I am hungry and inspired now. When my son was a baby I had the hardest time finding Peter Rabbit fabric and items for his nursery. Now of course that he is 5 it is easy to find! I just read it to him for the first time this week and he has asked me to read it every night since. Tonight we are switching to Jemima Puddleduck. Congratulations on the magazine nod! I try and buy what few magazines the import to the U.S. from GB - maybe I'll find a copy.

  4. Hi there, I am loving those Peter Rabbit blocks. Do you have an etsy shop? I want you to! :-) I noticed a nice fire in the background, it is so hot today in Alabama I'm sweating, (perspiring, ladies don't sweat). Heck, I'm burning up, it's so hot!!
    What fun you will have at the Antiques Roadshow. I saw my cousin in the background once, when they came to our state.

  5. Love the little blocks ... but I have to say I particularly love the soda bread and shamrocks ... my Irishness is showing itself ... we ate my Granny's soda bread every day when we were little, buttered with a sprinkle of sugar ... mmmm I can almost still taste it ... Bee xx

  6. Oh what sweet blocks!! I always loved that story of Peter Rabbit :) I think with all your wonderful goodies you should have an etsy shop! :) I'm adoring those pictures with your vintage cups, tea pot, dessert, and a fire in the background!! How lovely!!! :) Hope you have a wonderful week! xo Holly

  7. Hi Jenny,what super little blocks and you ARE an artist,how exciting to be in Pretty Nostalgic.Your tea and cake pictures are sooo lovely and that fire is divine!!Please do hurry on with your PROPER work and get back to us soon.P.S it's my birthday 19th March so I saw your page as another present!!Warm Regards Pam.

  8. Lovely post yet again! I do like those blocks...my soft spot for Peter Rabbit has been life long and freely indulged in with the birth of my first child more than 22 years ago. I cannot bear to part with the curtains I made for his room and still have additional remnants living in my stash. I love your photos of cake and tea and all the lovely dishes in your collection. The cake stand looks to have a petit point like pattern. Could you fill in details such as the pattern name and china company name? I would very much appreciate such details as would, I am sure, many of your other faithful readers.

  9. The Peter Rabbit blocks are gorgeous Jenny. My eldest son had lots of Peter rabbit stuff when he was small, I bet they are still at his dad's house.He is timeless isnt he? Peter Rabbit that is not my son.....
    Love looking at pictures of tea(actually make that coffee for me I dont drink tea) and cake.Is there anything better in life? We (sadly) havent had any cake for a few days as the waistline is growing at a fast rate and having booked my holidays I need to shed a few pounds! Enjoy your Easter Jenny X

  10. I followed your instructions and didn't read and am just leaving a comment.. ( only teasing, it's a great post, love the cakes and blockettes) Jane xx

  11. Hello Jenny, LOVE your little blocks...I am also guilty of using the wrong tools for the wrong job...apparently, I like to be resourseful and if it sands I'll use it...drives hubby mad..I also use the wrong knives ...apparently!! according to the rules of man...well my man anyway, you should never use a carving knife to peel potatoes, well I say my Mum always used a carving knife to peel potatoes....
    if this comments makes no sense I do apologize, I know what I'm on about..honest :0...have a good day, that cake looks yummy x
    Sophie x

  12. Bless you Madame La Cootard, you have brightened a sad morning. :)

  13. Love the little blocks Jenny and what a yummy lemon drizzle cake, one my favourites too and a perfect accompaniment with a cuppa. Full marks to Dom too, his soda bread looks fab - Betty's eat you heart out! - for anyone who doesn't know, it's a famous cafe based in Yorkshire!
    and 'well done lass' to all the magazine doings.
    Your blog is a joy to see and read. Keep up the good work. Happy Days :)

  14. You really should get an outlet, shop, chain! I will wave back if I see you on telly. EE xx

  15. Fabulous photos, Jenny. I love the blocks and am especially excited to see the wallpaper ones. I want you to have an Etsy shop too! xx

  16. Hello o' famous one. Love your blocks. Bread looks pretty darned good too ...
    M x

  17. Lousy at following instructions, so of course I read this post... Your blocks are fabulous, I love Beatrix's art... You don't need to have a plan or point to create arty things, I speak from experience ~ all my creations are pointless! In fact, when we had a booth at our craft fair a few years ago, a young man came up to the table, held one of my husbands wood carvings aloft and said, "and what useful purpose does this serve?" ~ Hmmmmm.
    don't worry his girlfriend elbowed him in the ribs before I could jump over the table and do it... In other news, it seems your camera practice is going well~ great cake photos! :))))

  18. Well, now I feel sad I didn't buy that little 1/2 yard or less of pink B.P. fabric I saw at the thrift store last week. I couldn't think of a thing to use it on. Now, of course, I see. (It was gone today when I checked)
    Is Mothering Day like our Mother's Day in the US?
    I'm off to look up a Soda Bread recipe in my old cookbooks. Oh, oh, I can see the rest of the afternoon being lost in a book, again.

  19. lovely lovely lovely! Cakes, tea and a fire look like a mighty fine idea to me! The blocks are gorgeous xx

  20. beautiful blocks - love them!

    Nikki x

  21. Wonderful post Jenny. I have to admit to using an emery board to file a rough bit of timber before now. I'm frequently guilty of "whatever comes to hand" offences and expect a visit from the DIY Police at any moment. Any cake left? Philippa xx

  22. They are so sweet, you've done it again Mrs Custard! :) x

  23. "Do not read this" made me put the kettle on and make a brew as I knew I was in for a good read!!
    You're a clever lady making those blocks and baking cakes aswell if I lived at the bottom of the country I'd be popping round for tea and a bit of "crafty" goings on, I think I'll get my bike out and pedal down!! Lucey. PS I've blogged about the purse I've made with your wonderful tutorial, thank you.

  24. Those building blocks are so gorgeous. My eldest would love them. He's very keen on Peter Rabbit and Mrs Tiggywinkle at the moment. I have my old brick trolley but would never have thought about decorating the bricks. Such a sweet idea. Love your pics of the tea and cake on Mothers day with the fire in the back ground. So cosy. This bloomin chilly weather makes me long for a real fire. Thanks for your comment. The dotty felt was from a lovely local fabric shop. Just spotted a small piece of it. But I have a feeling I've seen it on ebay as well. It's not as soft as the usual felt I use but still nice for a bit of variation. Fiona x

  25. It might be a quarter to April where you are but it's just struck winter here (again!) ... I shot straight past the delightful blocks and have been looking at the images of your fire ... very warming.

    I have been admiring my 'P&P' fabric this afternoon and contemplating what to make with it, so thank you again, and a little parcel will be on it's way to you soon :D

  26. I really enyoyed your post on a cold Friday morning. It was a nice waker upper before a workday. Love the blocks. They truly look vintage. Love Peter Rabbit. Have a lovely weekend.

  27. Ooh am rather partial to Peter Rabbit and those blocks are quite enchanting, Jenny....Cosy fire and yummy cake looks just the right setting for today! Keep cosy.....And have a lovely weekend.Love Maria x

  28. Your posts make me laugh! You are endlessly inspiring and witty at the same time, i's a good combination. I am never bored by talk or photos of tea and cake. They are the mainstay of my life too. Your photos of the teapot and cake with the fire in the background are very cosy and nicely done.

    Enjoy your weekend,
    Gillian x

  29. It was lovely to catch up with what you've been up to; love the Beatrix Potter blocks, my son cuddled his Peter Rabbit half to death and he still resides on top of the wardrobe (son is 17!)And tea with cake in front of the fire, doesn't get better than that!

  30. You can never have too many images of tea and cake - NEVER! But as for that teapot - it's beautiful - never seen one like that before x Jane

  31. Your Peter Rabbit blocks are so wonderful. That cake looks pretty good, too.
    Thanks for sharing.