Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Annie's lovely gloves....

Thank you so much for your cheery comments - I try and make my posts a bit funny from time to time so if that works it is great to hear.  No more colour guesses though...I promise. Welcome to new followers too - I hope that you find something of interest here

Good things come at unexpected times don't you think?

Dear Annie  of knitsofacto (and her beautiful photographs and delicious makes) sent these BEAUTIFULLY knitted gloves - my wrinkly old hands could not possibly do them justice so I asked Bronte (budding hand moh-dell) to wear them for these photographs.  Even so I still cannot do them justice because you also need to FEEL them and note how soft they are and warm.

I have to say Annie that Bronte and her friends are very taken indeed with these gloves - the MUST HAVE for this season (and beyond)

Dear Annie sent these some time ago but because I had photographed them against the YELLOW table I have held back in posting this until today.

I could not help but notice that a certain shop is now selling reproduction versions of these little bird brooches.  I did not check the price (which is usually my sole reason for going in to that particular establishment - so that I may huff and puff like a good 'un) but these are very easy to make and this is my current brooch for this week. Next week I will be moving on to my December brooch that I made ages ago here

Beautiful gloves

I am sorry that there is no photograph of the delicious choco that I was also given - I ate that rather quickly...

Thank you Annie

PS: Bronte painted a wonderful Dalek on her nails at the weekend in order to watch Dr Who.

PPS: I am not an earnest Dr Who 'fan' (not since Patrick Troughton left.....) but I have joined in with more recent episodes and find them cleverly written. I liked the BBC drama about it - did anyone else spot Jean Marsh in the crowd scene? I like those clever throwbacks

PPPS: I notice that a charity shop in Chichester has a great vintage Dr Who display with stacks of Tom Baker annuals.

PPPPS: A friend's neighbour has an original R2D2 or do I mean K9.  I have never seen Star Wars remember!

PPPPPS: That is all my Dr Who knowledge.

PPPPPPS: My friend Bryony had tea with Judi Dench again YESTERDAY and now tells me that the novelty has worn off....crikey..... fame is short lived nowadays.

PPPPPPPS: That is all the news from stardom for this week.


  1. beautiful hands and gloves!! i'm quite taken by the lovely nail polish - i would have eaten the chocolate as well - in fact the "hamper" i'm making to take to my son's for christmas is now minus a pack of chocolate biscuits - oh dear ........ roll on january - hope you have a good week xx

  2. Annie's gloves are so lovely and look so warm. I used her pattern to knit some last year but they don't look as good as yours! Your brooches look much better than the ones you have seen and much more reasonable!
    Sarah x

  3. What gorgeous gloves, love the pretty green colour x

  4. Well by Golly they look lovely and toasty...lovely jubbly colour too.

  5. Those gloves are such a beautiful colour and modelled to perfection!

  6. What stunning gloves, they look amazing...I can't knit but have been meaning to turn a felted cashmere jumper into 'wrist warmers' for about the last 3 years...I imagine another winter will pass before I manage it, I seem to have a bit too much to do at the moment. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, we had a wonderful day, I will be sharing pictures very soon. Much love to you Jenny, Rachel xx

  7. What a lovely colour and so pretty with that edging x

  8. What a lovely post,very Mollie Makes photography,I wish I had a friend that takes tea with Judi Dench! I did shake hands with Prince Edward at a Buckingham Palace garden party, don't you know! AND he actually spoke to my husband and I.ttfn Pam.

  9. Are you ready - they're 'glovely' - I'm sorry but even worse I'm sitting here with a big smile on my face as I type it. Love the little brooch too - could the shop selling the reproductions rhyme with 'Beast' or perhaps 'Spot on the Fly Street'? Have a good week x Jane

  10. What lovely gloves and love the pretty green color (: Wishing you a lovely week Jenny! xo Holly

  11. Lovely gloves, Annie makes such lovely things! Lovely hands too ... the nail colour goes so well.

    Millie is mad on Dr Who, and paints her nails in a different design just about every day ... the house stinks of nail varnish remover!

    I love the brooch!

    Love Claire

    PS< Glad the choc went immediately, you sound like me! xxx

  12. Don't tell Bronte but she could leave school now and make a fortune as a hand model. She could become a supermodel diva and wouldn't have to get out of bed for less than ten thousand pounds. But then, of course, she probably wouldn't give her services for free so that you could photograph them for Custards. And then we wouldn't get to see them. Gorgeous photos - made my day!

  13. Please tell Bronte I have never seen a knit of mine modelled quite so beautifully before. Seriously. So glad they are keeping someone's hands warm :)

    The yarn is a wool and camel mix, and it's the camels and not the sheep involved that are responsible for the softness.