Sunday, 2 June 2013

DOUBLE GIVEAWAY .....haul away...

 Hello again.  As you seemed to like the fabric that I recently bought I thought that I would make this purse as a follower giveaway do - dah.

I have not finished writing my essay....

A nice little purse - just right for small change and going to the Co-op I think.

Purse reverse...

Just think - the only one like this in the whole widey world

Lined with 'proper' lining fabric that - so the old label on it says - was part of delivery of sample linings for Burberry macs! Fancy!

 A few open and shut photos!

Showing my bottom as per uusch

 What do you mean you don't go to the Co-oop?????

 Can you  see that in the mirror there is a reflection of a few bags.....

 Did you like my cotton reels ? I was going to burn them on the fire (as firelighters).  What was I thinking of!!

Oh dear - perhaps a case of 'over branding' going on here!

My Custards are nearly curdling!!!

Of course we associate The Custard 'brand' with the finest quality and special value! Mary Portas tells us that branding is a good thing

Thank you to those who have asked if I sell the things that I make - one day.

No - Mary Portas did not ask me that!

As the 50s fabric might not be to everyone's taste I also made this as Giveaway Number 2:

Cathedral window patchwork is an old favourite of mine that I have been making since I was a teenager (not making this particular thing since I was a teenager!!!!).  I admit that it is a bit fiddly and time consuming so not something that you could go into production with really....

 Here it is in the process of being made:

 So this was made with some very pretty vintage Jonelle fabric - I love the colours and the flowers are perfecto for this time of year.  

 I am spoiling you here with the cathedral window bit as the vintage embroideries are the very last pieces that were sent to me by Cath Kidston when they asked me to make those purses for them.  Of course I have hung on to every little bit!!

Little bits of embroidery being arranged....because you're worth it!!

Vintage thread using for stitching into place!

Dear Maille had very carefully sorted out these threads the other day - do you do that too.... keep the shortest feasible lengths....just in case....of course you do...that is what we do!!

A bit of a fiddle faddle....

Not the neatest of stitching - I still have my rubbish glasses remember!

 I finished making this at 06.30 this morning....because you're worth it again!

 So once that central panel is done you can build around it

 I spent a fair while just choosing the buttons and had to sift tin after tin to get the right ones....because you're worth it again!  

'Purse' reverse

 I would use this as a lotions and potions bag - it is lined with plain cream fabric rather than wipeable stuff that I usually use for make up bags for example. 

Oh dear -  just noticed a stray thread on the photo above.



Full frontal

 Thank you again for all of your kind comments - I will be replying to previous post comments later today - for now I am going to do some gardening as it is looking very purdy at the moment and I aim to enjoy it while the sun shines.

If you wish to enter the 'giveaway - haul away - giveaway' (that song has been in my head ALL day) you just need to be a follower (I realise that some follow via bloglovin')  please just leave a comment below and please ensure that there is way of getting in touch with you (we remember the 'embroidered purse debacle' of 2012). Just say if you would like to be entered for 50s purse or cathedral window.

In the event of no entries I will  claim both prizes as I am in urgent need of both a little purse and potion bag!!!!

I will post to anywhere on the planet so long as you have an address.

Thank you most kindly as always

PS: Just popping back to add that I will run the giveaway for a couple of weeks


  1. I can't throw away the tiniest scrap of embroidery or pretty fabric, or any usable length of embroidery thread either! Always use them eventually. I have never tried cathedral window patchwork, it looks a bit fiddly for my fat sausage fingers. I'm dithering over which I prefer, the 50's fabric purse or the patchwork, they are both lovely. I think I will go for the purse as I pop into the Co-op most days! Love, Mrs RV x

  2. Oooh lovely! Can I enter for the fifties purse please? Xx

  3. Saunters back in...wearing a false nose and glasses...putting on a deep implausible voice "please can I enter for cathedral window please?" cough...splutter...glasses fall off...

  4. Yes please - love them both so either one would be a treat. Can't fathom how you do that cathedral thingy but very effective. We often pop into the Co-op but call it the coop - who knows why - not particularly funny but saves on syllables! Loving the cotton reels x Jane

  5. Oh my word - an overdose of loveliness!!!!!

    I too used to do cathedral patchwork as a young 'un, haven't tried it for many years but really want to do some again - you have inspired me!!

    That little purse would be ideal - I love love LOVE the fifties fabric. So please may I put my name in the hat for it please?

    thanks so much!


  6. Both are absolutely stunning. But I think I love the Cathedral window potion purse just that little bit more so would love to enter for that please :)

  7. 50's purse pretty please. I'm a Birthday Girl on Tuesday 4th June 1953 so that makes me 60 :-) Some one has to give me something, don't they? I have a FB page for Mad Bird Designs UK if I am lucky.

  8. Beautiful, and there is a CO OP here in Northants and I DO visit it (with a fake CK purse for my coins). I love the 1950s fabric and would love to enter your giveaway. I'm contactable via my blog Streetcomber. Thank you...

  9. Not overbranding at all Mrs Custard, all things 'Custard' are worth shouting about, on old cotton reels or otherwise.

    Love both these pretty things, but the vintage purse is more my style, please and thank you. (I just crossed all my fingers and toes that I win! Most uncomfortable!)

  10. The cotton reels look fab, nothing wrong with a bit of branding. I love them both but I do like coin purses, could I be entered into the draw for the purse please xx

  11. Beautiful little purses, I'd love to enter the 50s one please, love what you've done to those bobbins too! Thank you me dear! :) x

  12. Oh Jenny that really is a super little coin Purse I'd love my name to be put on a bit of paper please... I'm a big fan of the Co-Op it's my local shop and without them we wouldn't have a postoffice for miles...
    Thank you for the tutorial too. Hope your garden is blooming lovely! Are you poppies out yet?? Cx

  13. Oh I love the cathedral window. I can't believe you were thinking of burning your old cottons reels please tell me that was a joke.

  14. As if there'd be no enteries!
    Either would be lovely lovely.
    How's a girl to choose?
    Gorgoeus patch work, nifty purse?
    I think I'll try for cathedral because I've never seen anything quite like it before and I know you put a lot of work into it think it's really special.

  15. edit: and I think it's " " .

  16. Oh you are a clever seamstress ... I love the fifties ... could I kindly be popped in the hat for the purse ... not me in my entirety, just my name thanks ;) ... enjoy the sunshine ... Bee xx

  17. Oooh please consider me for the lovely 50s purse which would be handy for when i pop to the Co Op!
    Sally @Lavender Attic blog

  18. Oooooh please please may I enter.......?
    Will shopping at Morrison's be OK?
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  19. I've have more than my fair share of custard so I feel rather greedy asking for the cathedral window...but it's so special that my greedy pants are in control.
    My generous pants are saying I'll do a giveaway if I win.
    Thank you most kindly. EE xx

  20. No entries indeed!!
    I'd love the fifties purse for my trips to the co op!

  21. Beautiful work as always, I follow on google reader and now on Bloglovin. I love them both how to choose? Perhaps the coin purse because it is just adorable. Thank you for showing the different stages of the cathedral window. I have always wondered how it is done and your photos provided an answer:>)


  23. Oh my! Purse or cushion, cushion or purse?! Both!!!! Purse please and I'll send a photo of me in the co-op with it if I win!!!!! X

  24. All of your work is beautiful. However I really like the cathedral window purse because the fabric reminds me of a favorite dress I made in junior high--probably 1973!!! oh my goodness......

  25. Oh Jenny they are both beautiful, but I think the potion bag just pips the post for me!

  26. Please enter me in your giveaway draw too Jenny. I love both items but possibly the cathedral window bag is my favourite because it is so pretty.

  27. Hello Jenny
    Well you have been a busy bee today.. I just don't know how you do it.
    I would love to enter your giveaway please...any one of your beautiful purses would be so special.
    Happy Sunday
    Thea x

  28. Ooh Jenny, I go to the Co-op, and the purse would be just the thing to take with me! Love the cathedral windows too, but please enter me for the purse.

    Thanks so much!

    Claire xxx

  29. ~ The Co-op, is just at the end of my road...YOU will find me in there often, because I almost always need it for, sugar, bread and milk, that I always run out! I would love to go a shopping with that pretty purse of your creation, please and thank you.....~ Have a happy new week, lovely Jenny! ~ love Maria x

  30. Oh my,

    Have been reading your blog for ages and am hugely jealous of all your finds.

    I would love to be entered in for the 50s purse it would be a perfect purse for car boot trips.


  31. Wow lovely things, my co-op used to be down the road and was called Rainbow foodstore, it was always empty save me and a few elderly people so it was unable to compete with the local tesco, so now me and the three other people still alive, that shopped there can no longer benefit from the 10 kinds of cheddar they sold, i now have to drive/cycle 20mins to the nearest Co-operative store, but i will enjoy taking the purse or the bag there. Catx

  32. i am hot off the co-op trail as my fridge was empty and all other supermarket options were closed late on Sundays......i love them both and am finding it hard to state a it cheating to be entered for both?
    enjoyed reading this funny post - cheered me up out of that 'songs of praise' feeling!x

  33. Jenny, Please enter me in your draw too , how difficult to choose they are both lovely! I think potion bag with that wonderful patchwork would be the one!
    Sarah x

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  35. Sorry, that sounded like i was being greedy, i would love to win the cathedral window bag, i would take that to the co-operative too, on my bike.Catx(lulumama)
    ps. think i am a member under the moniker "lulumama"

  36. I love your idea of stamping the spoolies! I would personally love EITHER of those bags from you to show off over here in North America ;) I'd be way ahead of everyone else in the newest fashion! Great giveaway! keeping my fingers crossed!

  37. Hi Jenny I would very much like to be entered into your giveaway,I rather LOVE ADORE, WANT,sorry like, the Cathedral purse,not that I have anything against the other one,wouldn't like to hurt any purses feelings!! I hope shopping at the co op isn't a requirement to enter the giveaway as I am afraid I do not frequent the afore mentioned establishment! I go for M&S or the market it's closer to where I work ,not that I'm lazy at all!! It's the lure of the buy two for £2 swiss rolls at M&S I ADORE the cappucino one,anyway I digress (Did I spell that correctly?)I'll say ttfn before one of us gets really bored with all this prattling on and on!!Not from you, I mean from me!!Happy Monday to you Pam.

  38. Since I am a Mid Century Maniac, please enter me in the 50s purse giveaway. Thanks for offering these cuties...two people are going to be very tickled!

  39. Oooh, do enter me in the Cathedral Windows category! I have made them in the past, and appreciate the work involved. And it is so PRETTY!

  40. Jenny, as if there would be no entries,they are both so lovely.
    I would love to try my luck for the cathedral purse.
    Thanks Lovely , xxx

  41. I, too, have to say either one! Both are just beautiful and handy to have. The work you've done on both pieces is just gorgeous! Most generous of you!!! Thank you!!

  42. They're both gorgeous but 50's purse please as I do actually go in the Co-op and I still wish they gave you the stamps instead of having to remember the plastic card thingy .... (I don't want to be the cause of another debacle!!!) Thank you please ... Sarah x

  43. I don't think there is much chance you will be keeping for yourself LOL - I am a regular "stalker" of your site (and I absolutely DO NOT PIN anything from you :>) I am particularly enamored of the 50's purse...but both are wonderful. My profile gives all my details! J

  44. The 50's purse - PLEASE! My firend's mum used to call the Co-op the Cop shop and I used to envisage her being led away in handcuffs every time she said it!

  45. Well, I will give it a try and I would love that coin purse. I would never ever, nay, never be able to make such a neat and pretty purse!
    Now here is the shock but what is a Co op? Do not think they have that in the States. When I google it, it comes up with engineers and universities...

    Thanks for the beautiful photo's again and a big hug from Ohio.

  46. I would love one of your bags. I do love the fabric on the little coin purse. I watch old movies just to look at the lovely curtains in the background.
    I am going to try to make a small piece of cathedral. It seems so confusing but I am a fairly intelligent woman... I will figure it out!
    While thinking of you, I made a clothespin bag last week using a piece of old, holey embroidery work. Turned out quite nice if I do say so.

  47. Both of those purses are too adorable, I love them both!! Please enter me!
    And your header pic is so cute with the spools, I'm glad you didn't burn them!

  48. I would be happy to win either of these lovelies!

  49. Forgot to say love the spools too.
    Hugs, Judith

  50. Oooh I would love to re-home the first purse, well technically my 15year old & I would have a bit of a squabble over 'ownership' but it would live very well loved in our home! :)
    ??!!Burning the wooden reels??!!

  51. What fun! I love the cathedral window one best. But the fifties one is gorgeous too...X

  52. Every photograph here is a feast for the eyes! Love both purses, of course, and as for the spools - just wonderful. I really can't believe I'm worth all this?

    PS - I assume your essay never got written as you were fiddling with cathedral windows so long.


  53. Wow! I would love to rehome that 50's one. I admired the fabric in your post the other day and indeed the purse would be right at home sat amongst my sofa cushions. In fact it might be so camouflaged I'd loose it and it could save me a fortune! On the other hand I have the perfect blue coat for it to sit in the pocket of holding a few pennies for an emergency chocolate dash (Londis round here!).
    I shall keep everything crossed.
    Thank you

  54. In your dreams, no entries!!!
    The fabric and purses are wonderful Jenny - I just love your creations...your stash must be amazing too :)

  55. Now 'there's lovely' as my dearest Welsh friend would say! So clever, what nifty, thrifty fingers. I managed to sew on some buttons on a pair of trousers so my dear man could wear his braces to a vintage show but that's my limit... I love them both but the little 50's purse has stolen my heart! Jane xx

  56. You make the best-est things! Oh yes please do enter me in your give/haul away! I really rather like both of them, but since I have more colored pencils than spare change, I guess I lean towards the do-dad's bag...
    Glad you saved the spools.... much better use of them than fire starter. (of course, if things get tough, and your really cold ~ you can still chuck em into the fire place.... and toast a marshmallow ever them!)

  57. You are SO clever. I am slightly in awe of anyone who can sew like you. Wow. What a fabulous giveaway - I would love a chance to win the 50's style purse. Thank you. xx

  58. Love the cathedral window with all the handwork.

  59. I love your blog and follow you and would love to enter your very lovely giveaway for the gorgeous cathedral window purse. It's soooooooo pretty I can hardly stand it. Oh I would love to win it. My fingers (and toes) will be crossed until you pick the lucky winner.


  60. Hello Lovely lady Jenny and inspiration to my week (week-on-week). I am loving and hoping for the Cathedral windows please, it is a beauty as all of your things are.

    Thanks for the chance!!
    Ruth xx

  61. I never tire of looking at your beautiful makes. What a fabulous giveaway. I'd loe to be considered for the purse. Xx

  62. What a fab giveaway! I adore the purse as I love those 50's futuristic prints! ♥

  63. i would love to win the 50's purse

  64. Hard to pick, but its "Cathedral Windows" for me, as our last name is Winchester and I like to say "like the cathedral!"
    Keep having fun with your sewing arts.

  65. Dear Custard,

    Please enter me for the futuristic fifties fabric purse.

    The lovely cathedral pattern is gorgeous too.

    Thank you,

  66. Crickey! Just spotted this post with your delightful purses. I'd be happy with either of these lovelies but I am partial to the 50's.

    Such fun, tra la la la la.

  67. Beautiful- I would love the purse!

  68. Oooh! Just what the doctor ordered...a good giveaway.
    I would live to pop my pennies in the 50s purse the mostest xxx

  69. Must have a go at these Cathedral windows and love your tidy bottom!

  70. I love to shop at the Coop, it's so handy to pop across from school...

  71. Hi Jenny, I would love to be entered into the draw for the 50's purse please, I love it! Still haven't mastered the art of those purses despite buying cough cough, 50 yes that is 50 not 5 and a typo. What ever was I thinking.....

  72. If ever I need an uplifting moment, I read your blog, Jenny, and smile away and then sigh, with both envy & admiration. A film title springs to mind - ah, yes "How Does She Do It?" To win one of your amazing purses would be too much cos I just love to read the blog! Thank you.