Friday, 23 November 2012

Christmas card - option 2 - sub option!

The other option for your Christmas cards this season is to recycle and use old ones that have not previously been used - there are a staggering number of these about and the ones in these photographs came from a car boot a couple of years ago.

Here is the procedure: light a crackling good fire and throw on some pine cones for extra effect...wait until dusk...the half light is good for candles and squinting....fill your delicious old pen with some Quink...scribe your cards until the candles burn low....fix old stamps to the envelopes and see if you can get away with it!!!

All done

I like this set of photographs so added in extras...

Blue Peter featuring again I see....

More of my stamp albums another time....I loved collecting stamps as a child.

Tra la la
Fiddle de dee
I collected stamps as a child
Crazy old me!

PS There will be a 'Crusty Christmas Special' coming soon.....

PPS: Currently writing an essay on assessment processes in universities - no jokes in that one sadly!!!


  1. Nothing crazy about collecting stamps. I started my collection in my 20s!! xx

    1. Good for you - never say never!
      Best wishes

  2. I started collecting stamps as a child mainly because my father did. When I was a teenager I didn't have much spare cash so a few gaps started appearing (sadly when the really pretty wild birds and Shakespeare's plays were released). I thought it would be good to have all the GB commemorative stamps issued during my lifetime but now Royal Mail seem to issue them every 5 minutes so it is getting very expensive. My father is now 83 and stopped collecting last year - he marks the Stanley Gibbons catalogue with the ones he doesn't have rather than those he does. I'm beginning to ask myself if I should stop soon.............but then I might just miss some really nice ones! Philippa xx

  3. I used to collect stamps as a child. Then I didn't until I worked for post counters, and saw the new stamps on day of issue and started collecting them again.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. I think the UKs Christmas stamp collections are second to none! :)

  5. Beautiful photos, I am especially taken with the nib of your pen.

  6. I, too, collected stamps when I was 12 or 13. Loved the hobby. Used my pocket money to buy postal orders to send to a company for stamps. Loved the whole preocedure of choosing somethine new each week and waiting for the envelope with them to arrive. Can you imagine a 13 year old girl collecting stamps today? I still have my old album and a box with stamps which people gave me but not put in the album. I don't think any are of great value, but they are almost 60 years old now, and that's the ones that were current when I was collecting them - many are from the 1930s and 1940s! No penny blacks of penny reds, though!
    Later, I collected first day covers, but as so many were being issued I simply gave up and haven't collected anything like that since 1970. Now I don't collect anything although I do have a lot of Shire books (around 250 of them.) I love them as they are so many interesting (often esoteric) subjects, and also they take up little shelf space! Just don't ask me about my magazine collection, though ...
    Margaret P

  7. PS
    Forgot to say, so carried away was I with stamps, that I always used to use a fountain pen and then somehow put it to one side. I have recently, within the last couple of weeks, bought myself two Lamy Safari pens and have rediscovered the joys of writing with a fountain pen! I have also bought two lovely books by Paperblank, and writing in them with a Lamy is lovely as the paper is acid free (so won't discolour) and so smooth - a notebook, and a new address book, and also I have a page-a-day diary for next year. Never thought I'd be able to find such great notebooks so reasonably priced, nor such great fountain pens for under £15.
    Margaret P

  8. I too collected stamps as a child and the GB always were my favoutites, just seeing the old stamps takes me instantly back to those days! I learnt all the names of all the countries around the world through my stamp collecting.I found it amazing how many countries I didn't recognise at the Olympics, I suppose my stamp collecting was a long time ago now!
    Sarah x

  9. Tony has got an album of stamps from his childhood and my dad gave me an old stamp book that belonged to my late brother. I was never really interested as a child but I have really enjoyed looking back at the old stamps especially the british ones.
    Cant wait for the 'Crusty' Christmas special!!!

  10. Crazy old you indeed!

    Daisy x

    Ps can't wait for a 'crusty' christmas special either as have just spent an hilarious moment rolling around on sofa clutching "muffin top" aka belly... whilst watching recorded episode of said celebrity show and noted 'slip' showing in imitation of the style universally known as granny chic ?
    yours etc etc....

  11. Now the stamps do nothing for me, but the pen ... that's a (vintage?) Conway Stewart ... tell me more please Jenny.

    Every time I hear or write the word vintage the name Crusty Allpot now pops in to my head ;)

  12. Love the cards, stamps and pen Jenny :)

    1. Merry Christmas Jenny!Yours is the very first card I have this year,it's a pity that I cannot put it on my mantlepiece,but as we know all treasures do not have to be displayed,it's enough to know that we have them!Cinnamon scented regards Pam x.

  13. Lovely vintage selection of christmasy cards here, Jenny!
    Cards seemed to express more and mean alot more back then.(Ooh sound like me Mum)
    And WoW to those stamps too!
    Am waiting with baited breath for that Christmas special on poor Old Crusty!hehe.
    Leaving you with chuckles....
    love Mariax

  14. Can't wait for your Christmas Special. I was intrigued by the 'combustion' tile spreader on last weeks show, do you think she meant 'combination' as I didn't see any smoke! I hear that she's related to Cash it's all making crafty sense now. EExx