Thursday, 7 February 2013

Happy birthday Mr Dickens

Details: Little cards - had since I was a child (mother trying to tell me something....), glass ink well dug up from our old  allotment (used to be a Victorian rubbish dump), blue bird ribbon (Edwardian I think) that I used to wear as a belt when a teenager with an Edwardian glass buckle attached (!!!!).  Other items model's own....

Some may understand...I, of course, laugh at my own jokes!!

PS Sorry for lack of recent input - trying to get work done so internet stuff has to be put on hold...


  1. Hello Jenny:
    Last year, as it happened, we were in Portsmouth at this time for the occasion of the centenary of Dickens' birth. Portsmouth's famous son was being celebrated in every possible way....never have we seen so much bunting. It all served to jolly the place up a bit.....definitely needed!

    Hope you are busy as a bee and happy as a lark!

  2. Jenny do you keep EVERYTHING! They are lovely though! :) x

  3. Oh jenny, re textile post..... YES YES PLEASE!! will be happy with the tiniest scrap and will pay of course, how do I contact you?
    From your new bestest ever friend ever ever ever!
    Daisy xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Very clever and lovely pictures Jenny. How exciting having an allotment on a Victorian tip! You just never know what you might dig up ...

    Thanks for your kind comments,Jenny

    Have a thrifty Thursday!

    Love Claire xxx

  5. That's amazing you still have those! My mom and grandma always find things in a store, magazine, or while we are out somewhere and say "Oh I use to have one of those, but don't know what happen to it"....darn wish I could have their treasures from long ago! lol. Happy day to you! :) HOlly

  6. I love the glass inkwell. I would love to dig something like that up, sadly the most exciting thing we ever dug up was a horse shoe!

  7. Hi Jenny,what an eggscellent post!I just adored the pictures, LOVE the chintz breakfast,what a glorious tea cosy!!You have made me very happy this Friday evening,thankyou!!Warm Regards Pam.

  8. As always I am very envious of all your lovely things - I must try and get over this envyitis. Have a great weekend. Philippa xx