Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Vintage Pancake Day - but not featuring any pancakes

In truth this was made a few years back but trundled out certain times of the year....and why not!

I spray painted an old wreath that I had bought for 50p at a church fete and glued bits on!

Vintage toy whisk (what do you mean you don't have one!) - regret selling one of these with a tiny rolling pin and tiny pudding bowl only recently - for £4...why, oh why....

I have other pots and pans in this 1970s saucepan 'range'....a little on the small side to use for making dinner.

I know why....too much stuff....

I do not have an electrical device for whisking purposes.  Best to teach whisking skills at an early age so the children always played with 'old' stuff (how they must have longed for a bit of bright plastic!!!)

So rather than having just the one child's whisk......

....it is best to have a few.....

Own whisk shown here to gauge scale....

For the beady eyed amongst you I have thrown in the child's sized mincer - sadly used for salt dough extrusion therefore rendered useless by the children!

This was my first idea....cheep, cheep.....

I ended up making the 'flowers' just to fill the gaps...

.....they have remained in this old posy bowl ever since....post on posy bowls another time...cough, cough...

I am particular about my pancakes - they are frequently made by Dom (Dom 'The Pancake Maker' - as opposed to: Warwick 'The King Maker' (did you have that Ladybird book...!!!!) What!!!) for breakfast.  I like traditional pancakes which for me means thin, with lemon juice and caster sugar (preferably cast from a nice old sugar shaker....sugar shaker post another time....WHAT!!).  I will update this post a little later with some poor quality photographs from this morning breakfast (light not so great at 07.00!)

Arthur:  'Do you think that she is for real?'
Martha: 'Good question Arthur.  I am not too sure and feel that she may have one foot in La La Land'
Arthur:' Just the one foot......?'
Martha: 'Good point.  Maybe two feet and a leg....'

Thank you also to Rebecca of  beautiful square feet  for a blog award - I am not sure if I have time to complete the brief fully but will complete some


  1. Hello Jenny:
    Although we have no children, we have always had a penchant for all things miniature and child sized. Hence, we are proud owners of a dolls' house!

    How we love the mini whisks and mincer and oh to have a rolling pin, mixing bowl, cake tins etc. etc. to match. Of course, they would merely be to look at....nothing practical for us.

    Today Tímea our housekeeper will make pancakes. Lemon juice and sugar for one of us and strawberry jam for the other....pancakes are so flexible.....often filled with cabbage here in the Motherland!

  2. At first I did wonder how on earth you had got a pan to stick on the wreath, and why on earth would you want too, but then I love La La land too, so looks good to me!!! :) x

  3. ~ I had to study with great interest this post too, Jenny! And then I got it too! But I also kind of like being in ...'La la land......With You all! hehe..
    I am off to make some Pancakes!....Have a fun day! Love Maria x Tis such fun on here!

  4. I believe you may be 'particular' about a good many things?
    D x

  5. One foot in La-La Land, and the other on a banana skin, methinks

    I have two treasured caster sugar spoons with perforated bowls.

    Happy Shrove Tuesday!

    must now go and get myself shriven! xx

  6. You've just reminded me, must put new batteries in the kitchen smoke alarm (all part of our Pancake Day ritual)...

  7. So pretty!! And very cute too!! Hope you have a wonderful day! xx Holly

  8. How fun! I have made a wreath before with vintage kitchen implements...maybe I will make another. Last week in the US it was National Pancake Day...I'm sure it made big news where you live...lol!

  9. I love the poem on the tea cloth ... So sweet!

    Have a lovely pancake day xxx

  10. What is it about seeing a picture of something from your childhood that makes you go all nostalgic - I've just felt it when looking at the red handled whisk! x

  11. You've reminded me of my granny's whisk ... mixing cream for Christmas with little red flakes of paint in, as a little extra ... I'm surprised we haven't got lead poisoning :) ... Bee xx

  12. What a shame you didn't have some pancakes to share too! I love those old whisks, my Mother in law had one that was similar and she used it so much.
    Sarah x

  13. Jenny there is only you could think to make a pancake day style wreath!! La la land is sometimes a great place to be methinks!
    P.S. I made pancakes, thin, with sugar and freshly squeezed orange juice but they were a disaster.Out of four only one turned out ok. Nigel Slater reckons you should never wash your pancake frying pan to get best results, sadly I am probably a bit OCD to never wash mine!

  14. I love children's versions of every day objects just like mums, ones that look exactly right like your whisks. It's the scale that does it for me!!

    I didn't make pancakes, I only like them with chocolate and I'm trying to be good…boo

  15. Happy pancake day Jenny,I didn't know that you could get child size whisks,I just love love love your embroidered table cloth,I like my pancakes with orange juice and caster sugar!I have given up sweets, biscuits,chocolate and cake for lent,I know I have to get rid of my spare tyre!Warm regards Pam.

  16. Wow what lovely things!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  17. awwww soooooo cute!! love all the mini things, could of used all the Sindy Doll things from when i was little!

  18. wonderful idea, you always inspire me..

  19. I have a 'thing' for old whisks. Love your collection.

    Nina x

  20. Love the teeny tiny whisks, such a great idea for a wreath. We totally forgot about pancake day here, quick get the lemons! Catx

  21. My poor children have as well never had the luxury of plastic in their youth. It was all vintage in our household which meant lovely Pyrex. They each promised to have homes filled with plastic, and yet when I visit, their cupboards are bare. Glass only! Love your breakfast posts! Elizabeth