Thursday, 26 January 2012

1950s hat for cheering up a not so cheery day!

Mmmm - see what I have done to this blog?  I cannot get it back to how it was and I have no idea how to add widgets/gadgets and do dahs.  This is all because I do not want to write another essay...
Anyway a strange day yesterday - Dom had to take the day off work as holiday (all trains were cancelled due the copper being stolen again!).  This threw me out completely - we took a stroll down the high street to get something for lunch and walked past a charity shop - just being put in the window were an array of straw hats. I put the brakes on all walking - perhaps I should state here that Dom does not 'do' charity shops/car boots/jumble sales - Dom thought that the hat below was some sort of plate????

I fearfully asked how much the hats were and was told that they would: '..have to be £2 I'm afraid as they are old and from the 1950s'. I have written before how women in charity shops often apologise to me about the outrageous cost of some things....I must look very hard done by.  I thought that this black one was just lovely - though sadly I have one of the biggest heads in the entire kingdom so no chance of ever fitting!

The mimosa is particularly pretty and I was going to embark in trying to find my mimosa plates that would also go very neatly with it - therein madness lies I thought!

A little bit of Frenchness today (some delicious vintage fabric from the 1950s with scenes of gay Paree) and also paired it with an old original drawing that I have - bought a  thousand years ago from a local junk shop - turned out that the artist designed all the clothes for The Avengers!
I possibly have also been a bit grumpy because a woman drove into the back of our 'new to us' car - we had saved 5 years to get a 'new to us' car and our previous one was held together with duct tape.  Because of my thrifty ways we have never had a loan/credit (mortgage aside - two months left to go, whoop, whoop) so we bought the car the old fashioned way - by saving up....only got it just before Christmas....grr
Anyway I did buy another hat - a little straw one, again from the 1950s, it is also lovely and will do something with it for Easter.  I did tiptoe back to the shop and the others had gone of course...

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