Thursday, 19 January 2012

Just for you...

Well I have decided just to post these few photos here and see who notices (I may succumb to Flickr later).  I have been enjoying printing things through my trusty printer and made a few purses for my sisters (who may be a little fed up with purses I fear but I do not know what else to do with them).  Anyway I was going through my old envelopes (oh I do wish you would stop pretending that you don't have any - especially you Mary!!) and found one that was written by my grandmother to my mother (that has now been printed and turned into a purse of course) and then another with Dig for Victory as a postmark.  This set me off on a whole tableau thingy and here are the results. I shall call this 'Breakfast in the last century'!

I was trying to go in decade order but that will go to pot now - here is the first decade....

Oh just to say (in case the style police are watching) that this is my stuff and not necessarily exactly the right era - just a flavour of it (shades of Eric Morcambe and Andre!).  All of the things in the art nouveau photo I have had for decades (no, not that long - I am not that old!)

Once again I find myself asking for help re:blogs.  Does anyone know how to turn a photo around? I turned them around on my computer but when they upload here they are all lop sided again!
We shall move on a few years and I shall call this 'Chintzy Breakfast':

I am sorry if you do not eat cake for breakfast...

To end today I shall add in what I shall call: 'Thrifty 40s' breakfast

This picture shows the envelope that started this all off today! There is an egg because we kept chickens!!!

When I got all of this china out of the cupboard I then found that I could not get it all back in - some spare plates have now gone back to the charity shop, whence it came from in the first place!  When I pluck up courage to venture into the china cupboard again we shall have the 50s, 60s and 70s!!


  1. OOoo nice tins and liking your egg cups too... I've just learnt to crochet and made two egg cosies so my eye is rather into egg cups at the mo...

    Can't help with photo prob not had it myself when uploading on blogger... the ones above look great though!

  2. Love the new post; concept and content are fabulous! I am not sure that I have an answer for the uploading challenge. I am looking forward to the next decades.

  3. Love your thrifty 40s breakfast table, the postmark on the envelope is wonderful. I had the same problems with photos but have cracked it now I have learned to rotate and save on my computer.I am not very technical I am afraid so not much good at giving directions. I bought two tins from you at Christmas, the large round one with birds on it and the very small round one with children on. They were both empty I am afraid, sadly no vintage haberdashery inside. Hope to see you again soon. Ann x

    1. Aww - feeling bad now that I am throwing accusations! It was all my own fault - I squirrel so much stuff away. I had hoped that I had put the compact somewhere else but it has not turned up. I think that the haberdashery was probably spread out over several tins - and I did sell a few at the fair! Thank you for your comment - I hope that you like the tins
      Take care

  4. Do you know what the pattern and maker is for the toast tray? I have an itty bitty vase that I got on a trip to England 20 years ago and the bottom only says "sample". It looks so much like the toast tray and I'd love to find more, but I need more details than just "sample". Thank you!

  5. Good morning - I wonder which picture your are referring to? It might be the chintz one perhaps? If so this is by Royal Winton - my eldest sister has lots of this and I remember buying it up when Ikea ran their 'chuck out your chintz' campaign - I was horrified at the very thought! I hope that this helps -Jenny