Sunday, 29 January 2012

My vintage wallpaper wall under threat!

Only last year Bronte and I created, what I thought, was a lovely wallpapered wall (well chimney breast) - it is in a spare bedroom so did not think to ask the time Dom did mutter that he thought he might use that room for 'men's type activities'....I think that means listening to very old rock records.  Anyway that issue has recently resurfaced and this room is again under threat - you may recall that this wallpaper dates from 1956 and  came from an original wallpaper sample book - cost £12 (a very good bargain I thought as I nearly gave in to Cath Kidston wallpaper and £350 a sheet - just joking, that would be against all my thrifty ways!).

The negotiations are currently at a tricky stage - Dom has upped the stakes by suggesting that I move my sewing room into this spare bedroom (he says he will also move all the shelves and he will set up a nice little table for afternoon tea...). By doing so he then converts my sewing room in a room for 'men's type activities' - this is a much smaller room so in theory a better deal.  BUT he then says that my wallpaper in the sewing room would have to go.....I am thinking of having a conservation order put on both...any ideas???


  1. Jenny, what a dreadful decision to have to face. Do you have any more of the wallpaper samples left? Would you ever be able to replace them? It would take the wisdom of Solomon to come to a decision that satisfies both parties.
    Just a thought - could you hang a plain fabric/lining paper over it, or would a large screen suffice? Don't come to a hasty conclusion though!

  2. ooh, would need to see the wallpaper in the sewing room too before I'd be able to express an opinion on that one! I'd be tempted with the new & bigger sewing room (I wish I had one at all!) but if the wallpaper's amazing in the old one it'll be hard to let it go - good luck with the delicate negotiations!

  3. Whilst waiting to find a solution which will suit both parties I would just like to throw a bit of emotion in here by saying 'That wallpaper is fantastic!'


  4. I get the impression that Dom isn't so interested in the important things in life (like nice tea cups, vintage wallpaper, amazing hats) so, in theory, why should he care?

    I think the idea of a screen or a bulletin board or a corkboard (not sure of the British terms) might be a compromise, until he comes to his senses.

    I did have an idea. Now that you are printing the old photos on fabric, why don't you do some of classic rock albums and make one of your fabulous buntings (fairly large) which you can drape over the chimney wall. That way his eye will be drawn to his manly interests and he won't even notice that the wallpaper is there!

    Regards, Jane in Canada

  5. I think you have to put your foot down. This wallpaper is marvellous!!! Men should repair to the shed for man-only activities.
    Hen xxx

    1. Yes! The shed is a fine idea! I often suggest this to my husband and somedays I think he is seriously considering it. Of course he would have to have heat during our Canadian Winter and Air Conditioning during the summer........and he'd still want to be fed.............

  6. I agree with Helen, tell him the sheds free! I like Jane's ideas about the rock bunting.

  7. Shed festooned in rock bunting sounds like the perfect compromise - in the meantime fit locks to both room doors :)

  8. I came across your blog via Pinterest and love all your sweet creations! The wallpaper is such a sweet idea and I love those darling little purses!! I am wondering if the
    background on your blog with all the pretty tins is your home and if you have a post of your craft area? I would love to see it!

    bee blessed

  9. Thank you everyone for you thoughtful suggestions - as it happens I have some 1950s fabric that has records on.....
    Photographs of my grandly called sewing room are on flickr but I will do a little posting here
    Many thanks

  10. Dear Jennifer
    I am a big fan of your blog and when I first starting pinning I pined a few of your photos not realizing that you had commented not to pin on pinterest. I am very sorry for breaking your wishes. With your copyright protest of this picture it will be my third strike and I will not be allowed on the site for 2 weeks. I was not trying to go against your wishes, it was a simple mistake that I am very sorry for. I love your blog and respect your not wanting to share. Is there anyway to cancel this strike so that I will be able to continue with pinterest? You can see my site and just know that I love all things beautiful and never would do anything that I knew was wrong.
    Thank you for reading my note. Gwynn Thoma