Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas preparations...

Mmmm - I am certainly not the best blogger on the planet or even in my little corner of it! However I have been busy getting ready for Christmas and trying to get ahead with my proper work in order to free up more time!
Recently I have had a stall at  two vintage fairs with my sisters
Not the best photo but this is one corner of our stall - merrily sold one tin that I now think was full of vintage haberdashery that I had forgotten all about.  Also sold my lovely 1930s patchwork quilt - I am now thinking  why did I do that!!
In true thrifting tradition, I have been making gifts for my sisters - as some may know we sisters have had a pound threshold for the cost of our presents for many years now - so making them gets round this very neatly.  Here is the patchwork that I  made and then turned it into a purse for one sister:
Thank you to Minxy Magic I went to Waterstones and had a gander at the latest Cath Kidston book about patchwork and sure enough there was  this very pattern - complete with buttons.

I have also been sorting through the Christmas decorations - one or two to get through!  Remind me that I do not need any more vintage Christmas tins or (lovely though they are) glass baubles - I counted at least a dozen boxes...gulp.  Each tin is stuffed with more Christmas items and lovely though they are it is becoming difficult to display all as prettily as I would like!
I particularly like tins that have an equally delicious design around the sides - just like this one!
There is something particularly nostalgic about an old tin and I love it when people gather and recognise objects from their own past on our shelves.  Still plenty more to uncover!


  1. Hello Jenny, What a delicious post this is! They may not be frequent given that you're a very busy lady, but they're well worth waiting for! Merry Christmas to all the Custards.
    Mary xxx

  2. Beautiful pictures! Have a wonderful Christmas and a fulfilling New Year in which all your hopes and dreams come true! love Annie xx

  3. Oh bad luck with the tin Jenny. (It wasn't any of the ones I bought!). Been hanging my nose over the CK patchwork book...Your patchwork is lovely. Have a great Christmas Jenny. Love Wend. xx

  4. Many thanks everyone - by the way Wend I did not wish to imply that you had bought the tin with bits in. I am pretty sure I know who bought it and I was a bit sad because it was another stall holder and the things inside were all priced (including, as I now remember, a 1950s powder compact and vintage badges...). Oh well live and learn!