Monday, 21 May 2012

Tala Tin Tango...

Mmmmm - a beaten up Tala tin bought at the car boot for one of our British pounds (I reckon that was about 99p too much!)...also bought whilst wearing the wrong glasses (as usual) so I did not realise that it was missing its handle and had no paint on the lid.  Still not to be downhearted...what to do....what to do....thumb twiddle...thumb twiddle.....

Paint of course...
Then what? I still had the handle to fix but that was very simple to do with some florists wire and thread some buttons on to it.  By tightening the wire the buttons are nicely fixed on the wire and don't swivel round....tra la la....thus...The orange button is modern but the others were from my neighbour

Handle in action......with blue paint on my hand

Had various ideas about what else to put on the tin - used the raggedly ends (very raggedly!) of this lovely original (underlined)1950s wallpaper (I have gone on (and on!) before about this super paper - now being reproduced by Sanderson, but not in this same colour I notice). The modern paper version is called 'Fi Fi' - not sure if it was also called that back in the fifties.

I haven't glued this down properly in these pictures....

Whilst looking for scrap paper for the children's homework I found some very, very old Letraset sheets in the back of the cupboard - how opportune! I only had two 'Ws' so had to tread carefully and not too many 'Bs' either! Please tell me that I am not the only person in the world who can ferret around for five minutes and find such is a sad reflection of the contents of our home...

Also only had two ampersands to go round!

Now all I need to do is sort some buttons and bows!
RE: Clarification on my umbrella - ella -ella post.  Feeling awful that I may have misled into thinking that I did actually run a workshop - that was all in my head (dreams and aspirations!!).  If I did run a workshop I would be ENCOURAGING Can Can dancing and oom pah pahs on the beach (my children would be mortified to see me leading the Conga down the seafront....with us all twirling umbrellas as we go).  Mollie Makes kindly emailed asking more about said my head I have even baked the Victoria Sponges (one each should cover it!).  I had other 'amusing' posts planned but now fear of leading readers astray and thinking that I was something that I am not!! Oh dearie me - you have no idea how much I worry (and still got to keep world peace and global warming on the go too!).  However I did do the umbrella - ella -ellla (thank you for all who joined in the singing! I have made another lovely (in my very short sighted eyes) one with 50s fabric but need to finish off.  In my head there are all sorts created just need to find the time to do the doing.  
 Off up the hospital to work now and will relay my workshop antics to my students this morning

Thank you always for kind words - in my efforts to maintain reciprocity (see early postings regarding apparent paucity of this via Pinterest...) I will be having a 'Custards follower' give away (this is me be real not joking - oh dear).  I am carefully making three items in an attempt to cover the three types of design that I lurve most - when I feel they are up to scratch I will announce the announcement. Any followers would then be able to choose which they like best and the winner chosen out of the vintage hat.  Already worrying that I will be infringing some sort of lottery law...

I must stop and get ready for work!!!


  1. It's wonderfull!! Love the handle...Don't you feel chuffed when you give something a new life....Have a lovely day!! Maria x

  2. crikey I love it!! but then I loved the look of it before it was given new life...{I am easily pleased though it has to be said}

  3. Hello dear Jenny, You did a beautiful job making over the vintage tin! You are so creative! I especially love the button handle! I am sure your sweet neighbor would be delighted to know you are enjoying them. Have fun sorting your buttons and bows! You have a wonderful sense of humor! I do, however, think you could and should hold a workshop! Mollie Makes could feature it in their lovely magazine! I hope you have a lovely week! Love, Paula xo

  4. The button handle is my favorite part - very inventive. I think Mollie Makes should feature your "workshop" anyway - then everyone who realizes can have a good entertaining story and those who don't realize can be glad that they are not the ones getting called out from the class!

  5. Hi Jenny I'm soooo glad it's not just me that lives on my own planet, I have such a lovely time in my little shop then I have to give myself a nudge and attend to my real job!! It's a BEAUTIFUL sunny day and reading your words makes it all the sunnier!!Look forward to more FAB creations.Kind Regards Pam.

  6. Love what you have done to the cake tin. My Mum still uses hers daily, it is a bit battered and bruised, but it has moved house at least 17 times and it is missing a tier as we left it behind on a boating holiday!!!

  7. Hello Jenny, just repaying the compliment, thanks for visiting the old blog! I love your colourful backdrop.
    Now, retro doesn't actually float my boat - I'm the wrong age - but I love what you've done to that cake tin, it's superb!
    Lynne x.

  8. Awww - thank you all for kind words and coronets! Some things I preserve just as they are - with all their dishevelled glory and years of use - I don't feel a need to restore in order to appear 'new' or even achieve a 'new/old' look. Just as my mother did with second hand stuff I sometimes change things to suit and can change it back again (when I invariably change my mind!). We are mere custodians of 'STUFF'and one day someone else will trot along and do something different with it all over again.
    Have a sunny and warm day

  9. Only just found this post, dont know how I missed it really. I love it! I buy things with the intention of doing them up but then never get around to it (naughty me!) I must try harder :) xx

    Rupie x