Thursday, 21 June 2012

For any budding builders or architects - more cheering up'ness

Made this today for cheeriness and just because'ness (also because I finished a batch of marking a day early - yay'ness !). What do you think?

Thank you for not posting my photographs onto Pinterest or Tumbler or....

I wonder if you get to see this Ali you would let me know if you would like it for your little boy - thank you so much for your support and kind words. For budding builders the world over - a sausage dog of a pencil case made from 1970s Daisy Walk fabric and matching orange segment! I might do a range of 'predictive' purses (when I grow I am going to.....) !!!

I bought this old Kiddicraft puzzle last week at the car boot - bought mainly because it was only 50p - daft I know (the buying it not the 50p bit!).

I also bought this old tea storage jar for £1 - madness as I have so many tea cannisters I could start a tea cannister shop! Goes nicely together though....

 I was on the brink of 'moving on' an old Magic Roundabout duvet cover when Bronte spied it and asked if she could have it.  She is now of such a lofty age she can use 'trendy' objet from the past that might otherwise be considered too young.

It went quite well (in a clashing sort of way) with the cushion that I made a couple of years ago from the same Daisy Walk fabric (bought from a car boot along with some other lovely fabrics I remember).

With some smaller offcuts of this fabric I made little purses last year and gave them away as prizes for a game whilst camping...wish I had kept them now...

Jolly fabric I think

Little boxes made out of ticky tacky
Little boxes on the hillside
Little boxes all the same....
Little boxes, little boxes
...join dad's favourite song strangely!


  1. How odd, my father liked (and sang) that song too. He thought it was a wonderful social commentary. I thought I would be very lucky if he did not burst into song in public....again.

    1. Indeed - a song with hidden/not so hidden depths. I now embarrass my children by singing it a little too loudly...

  2. I love Daisy Walk! Got some of it myself, currently working on a patchwork baby blanket with a bit and some other lovely vintage bits. Hadn't thought of purses (my sewing skills would need a bit of improving!) but they look gorgeous. Also love that tea canister! If you ever do set up a tea canister shop make sure you let me know, that one is lovely. I have to ask - how did you print the words on the orange fabric? It looks fantastic, as your work always does! xx

    1. How lovely Rachel look forward to seeing your blanket. Tea canister shop swirling around my head! For this piece I just sellotaped (other brands available) the fabric to a piece of paper and ran it through the printer. Thank you for kind words
      Keep sunny!

  3. Aww, my Dad used to sing that song when we passed a new housing estate in the 60s! Lovely finds .... Particularly the magicoundabout cover, I love Florence, we have a chicken named after her! Have a lovely evening! Claire xx

    1. Clearly a theme going on with Dads and this song! I remember my sister bought me a little toy Florence in the 1970s...wish I had it now of course. I hope that your Florence produces lots of eggs
      Have a sunny day