Monday, 25 June 2012

Simple floral pleasures

Whilst in 'The Shop in the Cellar' I found lots of vintage knives and forks...the other day I used some of them as little floral supports.  These were some pansies that I had leftover from filling a hanging basket - bought cheaply from a car boot but how pretty they are.  I popped the last few in some vintage cups - I do like this size of cup, just right for a hot milk at bedtime (when not being put to pansy usage)!

A little bit of cheeriness was very much needed on these wet and windy days.  Sad that these photos have been put onto Pinterest - it really does make me feel as though some people have no interest in reading this blog but just like to take the people on Pinterest never ask first???? Perhaps someone could enlighten me as to whether or not manners exist over there?

 Here my fork has wobbled a bit!  The copper fire hood seen in the background was £10 from a car boot last year and replaced the bit of chipboard that had been placed there by the previous owner

Gilding the lily as always - so fished out an old pot stand that I had used for a scrap of 50s fabric years ago (these are pretty easy to find and often in a parlous state - all they usually need is a clean and a bit of old fabric smartens them up):

This make seems familiar to me - it might be because I have others from the same factory in the house, I will have a search around for others!

Anyway simple enough but bright and cheery I think

PS Also dug out my lovely old yellow teapot from the cellar (just seen in the background) - I could not find the lid, grrrr.  I will take a photo of it and someone may be able to identify it for me!
Happy planting.


  1. What a clever idea! They look great. NOthing like a spot of yellow to brighten up the day! xXx

    1. Thank you Ange - I few years ago I would have winced at yellow but I now see it for the cheery colour that it is!

  2. I love your assorted cutlery - I'm always looking out for nice vintage pieces. I have a lovely collection that I look at - wouldn't want to USE them or anything silly like that!

    1. Indeed Jane - I too have things that justify their place in our home because of 'look' value rather than 'use' value!