Saturday, 9 June 2012

I am a vintage collar worker!!

Well in this instance it is a 50s  collar worker - made this really to  show how the smallest bits of fabric can be used for something (see older posting regarding use of tiny scraps for cathedral window patchwork).  You might remember that deliciouso Herzberger fabric that I used for bag and for lampshade (plus a few other things that I have not photographed) - well the fabric was old curtains originally and I kept the raggedy old hem - see below!

There are all sorts of bits and bobs jostling for position to be used in our house and yesterday it was the turn of the old hem!  I did not measure the fabric but it can only be about two and half inches wide - if it had been narrower I would have just made a narrower collar.  I also have enough left to make matching cuffs (have dug out some nice old cuff links and will try and persuade Dom that it is THE THING to wear this season.......).

Changed the 'old' collar pattern (24 hours old that is) and made it a different shape. Used plain black fabric this time to line it.  I had to sew this slowly as I was sewing at six in the morning and thought it a little unfair to subject the house to the rattling of my falling apart sewing machine (at top speed it is like that scene in Mary Poppins where the family have to hold onto all the furniture).

Could not resist adding one or two more things into the photo....

The tins house sewing thread - a bit painful really as they have to be tipped out to find the colour that I need but let's face it that is not a huge problem to have in life!

Might not have time to make a 60s one tomorrow - half term has whizzed by and we have been very busy.  Mind you if I get up at 5.30......

Off to the vintage thingy at Brighton racecourse today with Bronte - I may be wearing this collar.  Do say hello if you see me wearing it!!

Thank you again for kind words and coronets

Please let me know if you too make a collar and I will start a collar club on Flickr!
Best wishes

PS I did indeed add top stitching to the embroidered collar of the other day and refolded it so it looks nicer now
PPS Thank you again for not posting on Pinterest
PPS Bike is getting a little big headed now as not only did it appear in the BBC Homes and Antiques article but the photographs of it when it was green and the current blue one are both in Explore on Flickr.  Bike is now signing its own autographs


  1. this has made me very happy :D xxx

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm glad I'm forgiven for my faux pas the other day. :)
    I adore these collars, and you have inspired me. I've just cut out a skirt from a pair of old 50's curtains I picked up at an antique fair, and sad there wasn't enough for a dress, but I think a collar to match could be so cute! x

  3. What did you wear with this new collar? I love it! I'm also hoping you will re-photograph the embroidered collar with the top-stitching just for comparison. These are just brilliant!

  4. Loving your collars Jenny! Nice work, and lovely choices of fabric. And I so love how you have at least one tin to match every sewing project! Rachel x

  5. Dear Jenny,I do so admire you for getting up sooo early to make things!! Your blog is the crack cocaine of crafting, I'm certainly hooked!!.. can't wait to see more of your FAB makes.[I of course DO NOT endorse drugs in any way!!!]Tonight my 3 daughters and I made Laura's wedding invitations from scraps of lace, fabric and buttons, we are all getting crafty, thankyou for your inspiration.Kind Regards Pam.

  6. Such a clever idea. I think I will have to have ago too!

  7. That is fabulous and I love the fabric.

    Nina x

  8. Hello again dear Jenny, This one is lovely too! How wonderful you are able to use up those smaller pieces of fabric. I got tickled at the thought of your sewing machine rattling like the one in Mary Poppins where the family had to hold on to the furniture! My sweet little 1940's featherweight doesn't do that, but the newer Bernina would shake the table when I would sew fast. It made me dizzy. I have been cleaning out and rearranging my sewing room, so I switched the tables the sewing machines were on and will see if that helps! I hope you and Bronte have a wonderful time in Brighton and have fun making more collars! Mollie Makes needs to do a feature on you in their magazine! Much love and happy end of week and weekend wishes to you! xo~Paula

  9. PS~ I am so happy your lovely bike got explored on Flickr! Yay! xo

  10. Thank you everyone for kind words - sorry I forgot to reply to these comments. The top stitching on the embroidered collar does not show up very well in the photograph but I know it's there!!! Paula - I think that I will dig out my 1950s sewing machine - I had not used it much in the past because it is operated by your knees!!!! My sewing room was in Issue 6 (I think it was that one) of Mollie Makes and I have been featured on their blog a few times so fame enough! I have made a few more collars - all different tweaks and designs. Good fun to do!