Monday, 3 September 2012

A giveaway do dah thingy!! First and possibly last! 1. Vintage embroidered purse 2. David Whitehead purse 3. Scandinavian purse. Now closed many thanks

I very much wish to give something away by way of thanks for the many kind words and support  that followers have given to me - you have seen me through CLgate (I wonder who the winner was there - I cannot bring myself to look!!!) and the other 'gate of which we no longer speak..... I am a queer fish and find the machinations of the internet  strange and wonderful  in equal measure.  Anyway I wanted to give some things away by way of thanks. Three different things for three different followers - easy.

 Goodness me that has been a trial and a half - of course I could not decide what it could be as I like sooooooo many different things, soooooooooooo many different styles.  So I have made three things - each thing was a trial  of decision making and I will labour  tell the story of each one here! In no particular order:

Number One - A vintage embroidered purse

Reverse of purse:

I cannot remember how many of these purses I have made - lots and lots of them - I wanted this purse to be  special.  I discovered I only had one purse frame left and a just enough glue...gulp.  Spent a goodly amount of time searching through embroideries - so many are not 'right' for purses in my mind (good for bags/bunting but not purses).  I like the trellis work on this piece (the remainder of it I made into a summer hat a while back) - it is not perfect but we are ok with that aren't we.  The reverse is some lovely vintage Jonelle fabric called Esme - I love the colours. Let me reiterate that I have made lots and lots of these purses - I could not find a pattern that I made previously so made a new one - made it all wrong.  Stitched the pieces together - stitched it together all wrong.  When it came to glueing it in place I was near to explosion point - glue all over the shop - never has happened before.  I see it as positive Karma - something was trying to make me get it right!!!! Then by accident I stabbed my finger with the scissors...

Positive Karma

Lined with vintage Irish double damask.
All done

I also knew that some 50s fabricos had to be used.....well I will not go into the detail of how much searching and sifting had to be done there.....I feel that I looked through several miles of fabricos.  Humming and ha'ing over each piece and trying to second guess what you might like.  Much to my delight I discovered that the price tag was still on this piece (I thought it had dropped off a few years back)

Also found a surprise tag on this piece - 

 9/11 per yard! Anyway after much sifting I did indeed decide upon this David Whitehead fabric - nice rich colours I think.

Number Two:  David Whitehead cosmetic bag

I have made this as a large cosmetic/wash bag so lined with some wipeable fabricos - fine and dandy for weekends away.

I like the mix of graphics with this design and the colour just so happens to match this 50s wallpaper.  I know, I know I said that I would use this but could not bring myself to paste it to the wall.  Daft as now this is being reproduced (but not in this colour!)  I could just buy some more but it is not the same is it.

I then spent an age looking for some old red ric rac for the zip - searched all my ruddy tins (why or why do I have so many...) and I know it is here somewhere.  A bit of ribbon had to suffice for the photo but I will endeavour to find it.

Moving on a few years to the 1960s/70s - I was looking for some Frieda Clowes curtains that I know are in this house somewhere - could I find them...could I?  'No' - was the answer - by this time I was getting a bit hot and bothered.  Found some nice Noddy fabric that I had forgotten about so that was good.  Finally decided upon this Scandinavian fabric that I think dates from the 70s - good strong colours and strong design again.

I have lined this with some vintage bright orange fabric as you can see below.

The same fabric is used on both sides

Being side tracked by tin admiration....oh dear

All three quite different things so hope that I have covered some bases (not all - that would be cuuurrraaazzy)

So just  leave a comment saying whether you would prefer one, two or three and I will enter your name in the hat.  I'll leave this to run for a week (or so - depending how busy work gets - oh dear that sounds a bit half hearted but not intended).  If there are no entrants that will be fine as Bronte is hinting about number three and I have my eye on number one.....

Thank you again as always

PS Worried already as I have just read  that giveaways come under some sort of lottery regulations!! Is that for real!! Crikey!  Also a reminder that contrary to what a friend said I am not doing this in order to exercise control over you! It is just because and 'just because' things are nice to have now and again.


  1. Hi, I have just found your blog, I love the first purse. I am looking forward to looking at your blog later tonight... Toni

  2. Hi I love number 3. Absolutely lovely. Fingers crossed. Paula xx

  3. Fabulous - all of them. Your choice of fabrics are brilliant! How to choose just one? Blimey.

    Hmmmmmm...I think No. 2 - that fabric is gorgeous.

    Very generous Jenny. And lovely.

  4. Oh Jenny, all absolutely lovely ... think love No 1 most though! Crossing everything now ...

    Love Claire xxx

  5. All three are beautiful. In order of loveliness 1-then 2- then 3 [but that's just MY opinion!] blessings xx

  6. All three are gorgeous ... but I really love the second one ... the fifties fabric is fab :) ... thanks for offering this lovely giveaway ... Bee x

  7. Rhooooo, I like to play!!! I never win anything, but it doesn't matter at all!
    I vote for number one and number one and number one...
    Did I write number one? Yes, numéro 1!
    Joyeuse semaine Jenny!

  8. If I'm allowed to choose then I'd love to see your zip insertion close up ha ha ha actually I love the fabric too.... they are all beautiful.
    You are very generous in such a big giveaway.

  9. No 2 is very cheery, and I would love to enter the giveaway. I am quite reassured to hear that your projects sometimes go a bit awry (because mine almost always do!).
    Enjoyed your anecdote about your lost leather brogues, too :)

  10. I think number three is my favourite, but they are all lovely!

    Janey x
    email: fairyprincess [at]

  11. Oh my! Such fantastic wonders! I used to be so good at decision making, I could way up all the options in seconds and make the right choices! I tend to deliberate and then hange my mind half a dozen times now! I love them all soooo much, if I was to choose, well I have to don't I?!, it would be number one, just delicious, sorry two and three, I love you too!
    Is losing everything/forgetting where stuff is a consequence of age or the we just have too much stuff?! I like to think the latter!
    Thanks for this great giveaway! Ada :)

  12. You've excelled yourself there Jenny all 3 are lovely but no 1 is absolutely gorgeous, would it be greedy if I asked you to put my name in the hat for no 1 please? Lucey x

  13. They are all lovely but I particularly covet no2. It is lovely to discover your really jolly blog, and I promise that I am not just visiting because of the giveaway - I am going to stay awhile. And that sounds even more dreadfully sycophantic, so I will just quietly go back in my corner and come back later ...

    Pomona x

  14. What a fabulous giveaway. I'd love to be considered. Lordy, which one to choose. Numbers 2 or 3 (or 1). Oh God. Don't mind. Number 2.

    Never heard of lottery regs for giveaways. V bizarre. xx


  16. Oh Crikey what a lovely choice!! My absolute fave is #3 but would be delighted with anyone of them!

  17. Ooh Ms C these are truly loverley. How very kind of you to offer a giveaway to us lot. I would love to nosey through your stash of 50s fabrics I've spotted some absolute gems in your photos before but I dont know how you can bear to cut into them let alone share them! therefor I'd like to be entered into the pot for number 2 please. Thankyou!

    ps I wouldnt worry toooo much about the giveaway blog police, they haven't come knocking on my door ....yet :/

  18. Hi there, I only found your blog yesterday, I spent the whole evening going through past posts of yours, such a wonderful blog and fantastic pictures and words. I have such difficulty writing things and I struggle with this the most but your blog has none of that 0 just true thoughts being recorded. Anyway sorry about all that rambling, I love all the of thm but my favourite would be number 3! Faye

  19. Surely no regulations! I'm about to do my umpteenth giveaway and have never had any trouble (do pop over at the end of the week if you'd like to enter). I would love the chance to win number 1, please - you really do make such super things!

  20. Oh Jenny what a rather splendid threesome... each appealing to a different part of me you clever generous girl... But I'd really like to be put in number two's hat please I could do with a make-up bag... thank you muchly! smiles Cass

  21. Hello Jenny...well seen as number one made you draw blood, and you went to all the trouble, and I would of flung it out the window long before it was finished if it had all gone wrong, and because its turned out soooo lovely in the end...number one is my favourite, Id love to win that one :-) thank you xx

  22. Oh dearie dearie me, I do hate it when I have to choose but if I must Jenny I would have to pick the purse just simply because, as you know, I love embroidered tablecloths. Therefore if I were lucky enough to win your purse it would just brighten my day every time I saw it. Thank you. Philippa xx

  23. How clever are you, all so special and very beautiful, my favourite is one
    Thea x

  24. Hi Jenny,what a lovely giveaway,I love all of your makes,its so hard to choose,you are very clever,If I could choose I would say number 3 as I love the fabric and it looks just the right size to house my new kindle :)
    Its so bright and cheery and would bring a big smile to my face every time I used it.I have big tin love too and never can resist any,that one in the same piccie looks delicious!
    Have a great week and dont work too hard,lots of love JulieXxx

  25. Hi

    Chalkie white would choose the number one purse I think......beautiful.all three items are are so good at choosing just the right lining from the HUGE stash you seem too have!

    Fingers crossed it is me.....item one preference, but would gladly have any of the lovely items.


  26. Oh Jenny you clever thing....all three are absolutely gorgeous but number 1 is my favourite.
    Are they hard to make, the one with the frame. :)

  27. Hello Jenny - what a great giveaway ! ! How kind & generous AND CLEVER of you - all 3 are just wonderful but my choice would be Number 1 - especially as you stabbed your finger with the scissors making it ! ! Can relate to that :-)
    Keep up your great blog & the inspiring work that you do - just love it. Kind wishes - Julie Xox

  28. Jenny love your sweet creations!! I do love the cute snap closure and the embroidery of the 1st choice though any of the three would be a happy welcome!

  29. All such lovely makes, I would be happy with all but number one is my favourite. Fingers crossed.

  30. Hi Jenny,it would be number one for me (as you're my number one blog!!)Kind Regards Pam.

  31. Hello, how do you find so many beautifuly things, there isn't any lovelies in my area, sob. No 1 is the most popular and mine too, because it is so pretty. My late mum used to do these embroideries in the thirties and I think I have a few but am not good at sewing and too scared to take the plunge. Although I would love to win, maybe I would be inspired instead.
    Love Susan x
    PS you have posted before about not being able to sell stuff, it is hard and often things I fall in love with on other sites are out of my financial reach, keep going if you can, your prices seem reasonable and you have great ideas. I am gonna read through your older posts and be brave and try myself. x

  32. I love all of them but number 2 has great fabric.

  33. I found your blog the other week, I love the things you make and create, may I join in...........? I love purse number one!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  34. Groan...must I choose? well, then number 1 is my choice, but it was so hard!! They are all just lovely.

  35. How nice of you to do a giveaway! I would love to win number 2. Judith xx

  36. Please count me in! I have just found your lovely blog as recommended by Lemonade Kitty-its fab! All purses are beautiful but I especially love number 1 X

  37. Hello Jenny! What a lovely giveaway, number three makes me especially smile! I would do a big dance if I won, those colours are wonderful! Anna x

  38. What a lovely giveaway. I love them all, but if I have to choose I think I will go for number two.

  39. Too hard to choose. I love all three!

  40. Oh my goodness Jenny, I nearly missed this! Have been having a few days away from the computer, I would have been really cross with myself if I had missed my chance - and I think you might be able to guess my choice - Number 3 please!! (Oh and I have that tin too!) Hope you're having a good week, you lovely lady. Rachel xxx

  41. Such treasures, Jenny - the David Whitehead red one is my fav - the graphics are so fine!! Your blog continues to a treasure chest of surprises and lovely stitching - thank you!

  42. Oh the David whitehead Would make a great knitting supply holder

  43. Hi jenny thanks for the chance to win one of your fab items! I have been follwing you for months now and you make me smile some.
    I would choose number 3 as it reminds me of a train my mother embroidered for my room as a child all the bright colours made it so wonderfull. I would use the purse for my handbag crochet projects, it would look great!
    Keep up the good blogging :) xxx

  44. What joy your blog has given me. I found you just three days ago and have since read all your posts and lingered long over your truly exquisite pictures, you’ve made me smile too! I am in awe of your many talents and you have inspired me to try my hand at making a bag. I love embroidered cloths and have a number that my Mother created, whether I can take the scissors to just one of them is rather doubtful though, but I’m heading off to our charity shops this morning in the hope I can find something suitable.

    Like you I am a collector, a hoarder, can’t throw things away type of person... my theory is that one day I will find a use for them and I usually do. I love my utter clutter of fabrics, trunks, suitcases and boxes full of the stuff, yes ‘stuff’... that word so fittingly describes it all.

    I love your collection of vintage tins displayed in your beautiful blog header, but I do wish it didn’t disappear so quickly, I’d like to have time to enjoy each one.

    Your clasp purses are a dream. If I dare to choose, the embroidered number one is my favourite... but the joy of sharing your pictures has been a gift in itself and I thank you for that. I feel inspired.

    Marion - Wales.

  45. So inspired by your blog. Downloaded some old mollie makes mags and saw your 'my space' piece. So lovely!
    Now I'm hooked.
    Loved number 3 the best. I can see my daughters little treasures being kept safe in such a pretty purse.
    Thanks for sharing : )
    Jo - Hertford

  46. i'm probably too late for this draw - and rightly so cos i've only been reading your blog for a short while BUT oh my goodness what a fabulous purse - i wouldn't know where to begin to make one .... and if i did i wouldn't be able to part with it either!!!!! you are very generous!! xx

    1. Thank you for calling in Lynne - sadly the giveaway finished a year ago but I am planning another one soon. Kindness is my middle name....I am joking!!!
      do you have a blog Lynne?
      Best wishes

  47. well i've just fallen off my chair laughing - trust me - i delve in a out of various other blogs - as you probably know - you are all so talented and have such interesting tales to tell etc that i get enjoyment just reading and then dreaming ..... well i must have been looking at yours when i found this at the bottom of the current blog - it was in a square at the bottom - technical aren't i? anyway what a wally i am no wonder i couldn't find who had won the purse!!!! so funny - hope you are having a good day!!!!!! xxx
    ps i don't have a blog - at the mo - i am trying to build up to it but haven't the foggiest who would want to read it even if they could find it!!!!! also the reason i found this again is that it "popped" up again as i read your latest entry!!!!!!!!!