Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Just another day in the office.....drawing giveaway winners

A working breakfast...(I hope that saucepan hasn't burnt the cloth!)

Weighing packages

Manning the 'phone as usual....

After I had dealt with a few helpline enquires I carried out the prize draw...Bronte copied out all names......put names in three vintage bowls.................and the winners are.........in a very particular order...............

1. Embroidered purse 


2. David Whitehead 

Green Orchid

3. 70s Scandinavian

 Rainbow Vintage Home

I did not blindfold Bronte but she was told to look away.  Bronte has questioned the morality of such a draw and that she could never do such a thing where some  might be disappointed....oh dear.  I think that Bronte read too much into the whole thing as she started to feel sorry for Number Three as it had the fewest entrants!!!

Many kind thanks again to everyone who not only entered but took time to offer such kind words.  I was very chuffed and ego nicely enlarged.  If those of you who won would kindly send name and address  I will try and post on either Saturday or failing that Monday.
Many thanks once again

Tra la la fiddle de dee  - off I go to make some tea.....


  1. Hi Jenny your films were ace!!! you are getting cleverer by the day,it was exciting watching the draw,congratulations to the lucky winners!TTFN Pam.PS after much trial and error I asked my Holly to help me pretty up my blog,do have a little peep if you have time.

  2. LoL every day is fun with you xxx

  3. Brilliant - such a good laugh.

    Am impressed by Table Rescue's tablecloth stash too. Wheee - wotta lot you got! :) Lovely.

  4. Hi Jenny,congratulations to the very lucky winners,a great way of choosing and recording the winners. Love your breakfast table and theres those lovely scales again :-) Happy Weekend,Xxxx

  5. well done all the winners - love the pictures [as usual]

  6. Goodness... I've actually won something! I've only ever won something once before when I was 11 or 12 in a village raffle... a bottle of whisky and I was allowed it because I was under age so they choose another ticket! I didn't get anything at all... Finally I've won... something beautiful... the start of a new era... many many thanks Jenny

  7. Congratulations to the lucky winners, Lucey x

  8. Congratulations to all the lucky winners ... love your tufty badge ... Bee xx

  9. Oh my goodness I'm in shock - Yippeeeeeee!!!!! Thank you Jenny, and Bronte - I love that purse SO MUCH!!! You have made my day, you lovely lovely person. Rachel xxxxx