Monday, 7 January 2013

A boring old cupboard. Warning - this post contains images of an untidy nature....!

I would be very interested to know how you found this post and where this post has been linked - clearly someone has posted this somewhere -  if could let me know - thank you.

Now why is she showing us a boring old cupboard today we wonder....

Well, this is one of those built-in wardrobes that are common in Victorian/Edwardian houses - very useful for some homes....not ours......I use this for the storage of Christmas....


Too much stuff - BUT....

I am very, very pleased to announce that since these photographs were taken I have TIDIED up  and MOVED ON a great deal of stuff.

However when I came to put the Christmas stuff back in the cupboard yesterday - 

Two of these tins came from local car boot, one from a junk shop and one from ebay last year (that means 2011 in real life). 

Inside every tin are the 'little bits' .....

Inside every smaller tin are the even smaller 'bits'...

Make it stop someone - PUHLEESE!

I would like to say that this cupboard is ample for all Christmas storage needs I would like to say that  but since the children were little we have also used this....

Yet another old trunk that I remember painting in  haste Christmas Eve one year and put presents in for the children - it was in a similar parlous state to this one here - though more unusual to still have its key I think.
Crammed full of 'stuff' - also have a large vintage beaten up wicker hamper that is used for other bits that cannot fit elsewhere......further downsizing needed next year...

 This year I asked the children if I could cover it in some lovely vintage Alpine  fabric - "No" - came the reply - it must be preserved just as it is....

In 2013 I resolve to clear out this cupboard....


Happy New Year to each and every one of you


  1. Oh Jenny, how I would love to rummage in there!

  2. Ooh, I love a good clearout Jenny! You've got loads of stuff ... it's like Aladdin's cave ... I'd also like a good old rummage!

    Love Claire xxx

  3. A cupboard isn't really full until it takes two of you to push everything in while you shut the doors... or so I tell myself. The best thing about visiting my gran, used to be rummaging through her various tins - I have some of them now and I never sort them out - I shall pass them on to my girls so they can have the same pleasure.

  4. Haha you have the same dilemma as me! I spend a day "clearing out" and really feel like I've accomplished something, then the stuff that's left seems to procreate! Oh the joys of being tidy...its the very reason I am not :)
    Happy new year! X

  5. Ha ha ha, oh wow!! I would love to happen upon this cupboard and spend hours looking through all the tins. What a glorious treasure trove!

    Happy new year and good look sorting THE cupboard!
    Jo :-) x

  6. This very morning I was sitting in bed writing my 'to do list' ( New Year's resolution)and tidying my understairs cupboard is one of them. Not as full of lovely things as yours but I fear there may be old photographs.... this may take some time... Happy New Year to you and your family- Jane xx

  7. Oh Jenny what an incredible amount of Christmas you have crammed in that cupboard...and trunk! Good luck with pruning it - gently! - to make it fit. And Happy New Year to you lovely lady! xx

  8. Yes but at least it's filled with lovely things and not just c*** like mine! :) x

  9. hahaha omg hahaha, you have alot very much how do you say it.. hahaha
    and children..
    dont like changing.


    love, Ellen

  10. really it's a christmas'collection' I guess it's what you love, so make your peace with, make it fit and leave it till next year!! Heather x

  11. Funny how "stuff" never fits back into the place it came from!!!!! Love all those vintage tins!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  12. Oh my! This is the type of cupboard where one item pulled too quickly causes it all to come tumbling down. To have this problem, would be simply wonderful! Thank you for the peek! Elizabeth, Creative Breathing

  13. Your cupboard is a treasure chest full of magic goodies! I would be in heaven just peeking in there.

  14. You have so many beautiful and treasured items! I would love to look in there! :) Happy new week! Hugs, Holly

  15. OMG, you have got such a lot of Xmas paraphanelia. I'm agog and aghast at the amount. I'm not a Xmas fan (I know) so I'm looking at your second cupboard rather excitedly - good luck with sorting it. xx

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  17. I loved the peak into your cupboard, you must need lots of space to store all of your treasures!
    Sarah x

  18. Oh Jenny,be still my rapidly beating heart,your cupboards are fabuloso!!!Please tell me that the last one leads to Chinarnia!COULD YOU POST MORE CUPBOARDY PICCIES PLEEEEASE!All the best to you Pam.

  19. A Christmas cupboard how sweet I love all the things I see there!
    PS could you see about removing word verification it's such a hassle to leave comments with that, thanks Nan

  20. I wouldn't change a darn thing. How wonderful! If only you would sell tickets to rummage through that cupboard....It would be like Disneyland to me.


  21. Oooh Jenny it is a cupboard full of delights...I would keep it just as it is
    Happy New Year
    Thea x

  22. What a Christmas wonderland ... I would love to sit down and have a poke around ... very rude I know ... but you have so many lovely things ... the little robin coasters have brought back a lovely memory ... can't pinpoint exactly when but I remember peeling the layers apart ... destructive but I imagine they were used at that stage ... in my gran's I think ... Bee xx

  23. Treasure....wonderful Christmas treasure, I don't think I could part with any of it if it were mine.
    Happy New year :)

  24. Oh I can so relate to this post!!!! My goodness I could look into that cupboard for hours! All of the lovely items! I am famous for buying in "bulk"....enough said! lol I am cleaning out all of my closets this year! I am actually looking forward to what I can sell and how much I can make....but NOT to buy more stuff! (yeah right...)

  25. On the one hand I am amazed that there exists so much old Christmas stuff and it is unsurprising that your cup should be overflowing somewhat with it but on the other hand I am in awe that you have such a wonderful collection. It must bring you so much joy and cheer when you have the opportunity to bring it all out and use it. I don't think I could part with any of it. Happy 2013. Philippa xx

  26. I love clearing out cupboards and re-finding things I had thought lost or forgotten about. That is one cupboard - wouldn't change it at all - how magical each time you look through it all. Love the trunk - kiddies right - wouldn't change it.

  27. That's the best cupboard I've seen this year. Do you have an Easter one?... and is that your seasonal china cupboard? I'm scared to ask but any chance of a peek at your table cloth cupboard?,don't, that would send me over the edge! Eco Ethel, lost in cupboard envy.xx

  28. ~ Now Jenny that cupboard is any thing but boring, it's a treasure trove! full to the top of vintage loveliness....
    I would love a rummage!
    Sending kind thoughts for the New Year! Lets hope it is a kind one for us all, dear friend!
    Love Maria x

  29. Taking it all out of the cupboard, sorting through, paring it all down, putting it all back and realising it doesn't fit any more. Now that sounds very familiar!! Love that you have a whole cupboard full of Christmas. I was very excited about all the storage cupboards in our house when we bought it, not realising that I would fill them up quite so quickly! xx

  30. I'd love a rummage too! Maybe you could invite all your blog readers round for the day Jenny and we could sort it all for you?
    Sadly I live in a modern house with very little storage, what would I give for cupboards like yours!

  31. What a gorgeous lot of goodies, was that some Hostess Table Stationery I spied? No downsizing needed!

  32. it me you're looking for??
    Hahahaha...well I know you're not exactly looking for me...but hello!!!
    Thankyou for noticing my post on my old blog...I got so excited to see it was YOU..I am a bit befuddled now between the accounts....anyway I won't be using the old one..just this one from now on...fresh start and all that!!!
    ...I can't believe all the eye candy in this here blog post...I have to come back for a proper perve around when I am less frazzled...
    ..I'll be back!!
    Lovely to be in touch again~Shevie xxxxx