Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bronte's birthday and where do the years go....

Bronte was 15 on the 28th - cliché but does seem like yesterday....where do those years go?
However it is a chance to get out the 'Birthday' Tablecloth (in need of an iron here) - only gets used four times a year!

Bronte's request for pancakes and her favourite (Kathie Winkle) plate!

...and cake later on.  I can just about remember also being able to eat whatever I wanted and remain as skinny as a rake...just as the children are able to do today. 

Bronte is keen on the 70s look hence the sleeves on this dress

Do you remember inserting triangle-shaped pieces of fabric into your bell bottom jeans in order to make them even more bell bottomy?  I loved doing that

Ending with  pictures of Bronte back in the summer wearing a shirred dress from 1970s  and sporting a headband that she made using plastic flowers leftover from my bike makeover. It has become a favoured piece of head wear!

The last century meets up with the present....

Happy birthday if it is yours this time of year - I too am a Festive period birthday child so it is a busy time of year for our house!

Welcome also to new followers and I hope that tomorrow (Monday - back to school for us) passes uneventfully - not sure if we will be up on time!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your pretty daughter. I love her style.

  2. She is beautiful, what a fun Day! Happy New Year!

  3. That comment about eating what you like made me smile. I have two beanpoles here who eat like horses! I remember those days.......she says contemplating a January diet! Happy birthday to your pretty girl! Nick x

  4. Congratulations :-) Children grow up always to fast !
    She's a beautifull girl !!
    Big hug,


  5. Happy Birthday to your girl. She looks so beautiful.

    You made me laugh about inserting fabric into your jeans. I was just an irritating child observer in the 70's while all my cousins were growing up cool and writing me letters about going to see The Who. My favourite cousin would come home from Uni with his flares fashionably frayed round the bottoms and then my uncle taking pity on his poor worn out jeans would kindly hem them for him so he'd look smart when he went back.

    Hope you get up ok, we've one more day so decided we(I) might do a practice run tommorow as I'm dreadful in the mornings.

    Lisa X

  6. Happy Birthday to Bronte. KP has her Birthday too later this week but school doesn't start till Tuesday here. Love the sleeves on the 70's dress.

  7. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl, she has a 70's look with her lovely long locks and of course dress sense.I was born in 1970 so only became aware of fashion as such in the 80's, wish I had been a teen in the 70's, those bell bottoms would have been great fun.
    We are Kathie Winkle plate fans here in our house, Alice who is 12 always insists that we only use our "posh" minimal mid-winter ones when her friend comes round for tea as she is not at the point of appreciating yellow, mustard and brown patterns yet :o) xox Have a good week, we'll be up at sparrow in the morn too...ho hum!

  8. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl ... so stylish ... I had a lucky find of a Kathie Winkle coffee cot a few months back ... it's so difficult to find nice things here ... Bee xx

  9. Happy birthday to your lovely girl - mine is a grown-up lady, out on her own. It hardly seems like a minute passed.

    I remember making the bell bottoms wider too. I also recall making them longer by adding decorative pieces of fabric trim to the bottom hem. This was very practical for an urban Canadian winter. The bottoms of the jeans dragged in the dirty city slush as I walked downtown after school, making the pant legs sodden with filthy salty water. This would quickly freeze, making the trip so much more uncomfortable. I thought I looked fabulous.

  10. Belated happy birthday to Bronte. She certainly has your vintage style!

  11. Happy Birthday to your daughter, Bronte. What wonderful style she has! And oh how I hark back to being young and slim!

    Jo :-) x

  12. Happy Birthday to Bronte
    Julie xxxxxxx

  13. Congratulations to Bronte on her birthday, what a lovely name.) How lovely that she shares your love of vintage things.
    Sarah x

  14. HI Jenny. Hope Bronte had a fab birthday. I well remember the triangle being added to a pair of trousers to make bell bottoms! Didnt we used to think we looked the bees knees? The reality I remember was them flapping madly when you tried to run and the material getting tangled round your legs....or was that just mine?!

  15. your blog is the bees knees i'm full of ideas and should stop blogging and go and sew hx