Friday, 25 January 2013

Font fiddling

Thank you as always for kind words - I will do another post one day about some other Arts and Crafts bits and bobs in our home.  I think that our gate came out as the winner! Dom's hard work paid off....I shall pass that on.

 These letters come from an old game - a copycat equivalent of Scrabble - I like this font greatly

This game dates from the 50s and you can tell that they were trying to modernise the game with a more 'fancy' font and reversed the black on white of Scrabble

 Font full frontal !

I note that dear Pam questioned my residency so nipped outside and took a photo of the plaque by the front doo.....

Not a very good photo but I hope that it puts your mind at rest Pam!!

Ending with the more 'conventional' Scrabble font - an old 'film' that I made very took a while for me to figure out how to do it

This Scrabble board and the older cardboard letters have been kept since childhood - replete with brown Sellotape keeping the box together!

Keep warm this weekend


  1. Great font! Have you identified it? Possibly of the Times Font family? X Joan

  2. Hello:
    What a blockbuster of a film? When can we expect it "at a cinema near you"??

    Your undoubted skills with modern technology leave us feeling as if we are in the dark ages - perhaps we are!

  3. It looks like a 'Wild West' sort of know, like it should spell SALOON and there should be cowboys swaggering about. :)

    Love it.

    (I am a bit of a font freak - you should see how many I have in my font library!! - font browsing is a weakness and something I often spend hours doing, of an evening. Beats the crapola on the telly.)

  4. Oh my 'word', you have a scrabble collection as well, we must share the same sunbeam! I also have a cornucopia of Lexicon and Kan-U-Go, and have resorted to using Countdown for my signs so I don't spoil any more old sets. Is there cure for ABC OCD ?

    Eco Ethel xx

  5. Very clever little video Jenny. I thought you wanted to change the font on your blog, I quite fancy doing something different on mine but dont know how to.

  6. Your video is so clever and so interesting to see an earlier version of scrabble!
    Sarah x

  7. Great font.. I have a favourite old set of plastic letters as my blog title! Lizzie

  8. what a lovely little video - I dont know if I would have had the patience to do it! Faye

  9. Good Evening Jenny,a "fizzgogling"(got the word from a t.v advert,sure it means amazing!)video,you must have extraordinary!! patience.I sooo look forward to your posts,they brighten my day!Warm regards Pam.

  10. Hello Jenny. I was given a great book about fonts ' Just my Type' and I've been intrigued ever since. I love your little video! Jane xx

  11. I've just been catching up on posts and I love all the heart shapes around your home (previous post)- I seem to have a habit of collecting things in the shape of a heart! The renovated gate is absolutely gorgeous though.

  12. I'm loving the typeface on those 'not Scrabble' tiles! (I'm always fascinated by type! I'm doing some font fiddling myself just now.)

    Fab little video :D

  13. This post so reminds me of a favorite Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine, movie filmed in England. Letters rearranged, a husband suspected, "Murder"! Love that movie, love your fonts! Elizabeth