Wednesday, 31 July 2013

So it's 1976............

Just a short post as there is much to be done at the moment.  I hope that all is well with you all and you are enjoying a break now and again, here and there, hither and thither

Don't be daft it's 2013!  This is Bronte when we went camping in the New Forest  the other weekend.  As we are family of scrimpers Bronte is wearing a jacket that I bought circa 1985 - I was a student and popped out during  my studies to the local  Oxfam  in Pimlico - I returned with this wonderful soft suede jacket from the 1950s (could only have been about 2-3 pounds). I have mended the lining a few times but still going strong (I think that it has 'featured' on this blog before). Two teenage daughters who are low maintenance is  very nice indeed!

We camped in a  beautiful summer meadow

 We always camp by the lake - with lots of fish and kingfishers

It was the weekend of the summer solstice and the full moon - cold and wet....... just great for camping purposes.........!

 I was in a great mood all weekend - all that wet and cold....great.....perfecto....

 A dilapidated fisherman's lodge by the lake

Bronte bought suitable bedding and bags for 70s style camping

 Not the best of lighting in the tent!

 Bronte bought one of our red suitcases ('What does she mean ONE?") and a floppy hat

As we know - if you wait long enough it all comes back into fashion

I am a woman of a 'certain age' and it is lovely now when I go out to the 'shops' with the children as they are moving towards adulthood (still a while to go - Maille to be 14 on Saturday and Bronte is 15).  I think that Bronte could be a hand model (I have high aspirations for my children....) as she has the most perfect of hands....mine went west once I declined to wear gloves for gardening purposes and washing up....

PS: There is still time to buy tickets for my one woman show at the Edinburgh Fringe - entitled: 'How to loose weight whilst crafting' it provides a witty insight into the world of weight loss whilst sewing on a very old sewing machine.  I will be reciting extracts and answering a myriad of questions from the audience.

PPS: Usual: 'It's Vintahj Dahling' dress code applies - sorry

PPPS: Post show drinks and personal audience are optional extra but there is a cost involved - I will NOT be accepting 'Vintage gifts' in exchange this year.  Sorry again


  1. My Mum used to always say I should have been a hand model when I was younger :)
    Bronte looks stunning,looks like a lovely holiday.

  2. Wow what amazing shots lovely camping location, and Bronte looks like she is part of a dreamy 70s vogue shoot-very atmospheric! catx

  3. I told Rosey the same about her hands as they are very elegant, she was quite insulted and asked what was wrong with her face. Sometimes you can't get it right for trying. Beautiful picture of your lovely girl.

    Your campsite looks divine, the full moon a perfect occassion, although the wet and cold not so appealing. Many a year now since I've camped as I walked out on all my camping gear along with the man they went with, but I used to love it. Hope you saw a Kingfisher. I did see my first the other day when we were boating on the broads. A young one who swooped around us and put on quite a show.

  4. Did you take David Bailey with you to 'snap' a few shots?

    Super lovely....

    I think Bronte has a lovely face because I cant see her hands?

    Her hat is divine are there shots of her wearing that too....

    bestest to you dearest Cooty!

    ...from another woman of a certain age...not certain what age that is mind???
    D x

  5. It looks like in the next shot Bronte should be sitting down painting a watercolour and eating a Flake (remember that one?) Well done on British camping - although I think I'd have been tempted to sneak in to the fisherman's lodge. Last time we went camping (pre children!) we rather drunkenly pitched up on a slope - the next day I woke up with huge welts around my legs where I had gradually slid out of the tent but my trousers had stayed put! Oh the joys ... Jane x

  6. Bronte looks STUNNING! She should be a model!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  7. ~ Love the braveness of YOU! ~ Olivia has just returned from camping at our local festival in Kendal...All soggy and excited able! ~ great fun for the young, I say! Jenny LOVE that Bronte is wearing your heirlooms from your past, soo very cool! She is lovely and I say the same about our daughter and the hand modelling thingy! She has the most amazing long, long fingers almost like an avatar! ~ she does play piano and guitar so they come in very use full..Hugs Maria x

  8. I love not camping...but may have to give in soon. Hope your girls remain low maintenance...I trained mine but then they went to Uni...nice effect on the last shot or is that the damp?
    EE xx

  9. What gorgeous photos of your beautiful Bronte. It looks like an upmarket ad shot in some expensive, exotic location. M x

  10. Lovely, lovely shots. Bronte looks an absolute natural when it comes to modelling. My memories of camping are a mixture of heatwaves aka sunstroke, force 8 gales aka hang on to that guy rope or driving down to Devon and pitching the tent at 6:30 in the morning in torrential rain. Oh the joys of youth! I'm all for saving money but I think being of a certain age myself my days of camping may just be behind me. Philippa xx

  11. The light and colour in your photos are amazing. Your daughter is just gorgeous - what style. I am making my kids clothes at the moment, they are young enough to be excited by the prospect! Jo x

  12. The photos are fab Jenny, instantly I thought of the flake adverts from the 70's. Those were the days. Isnt it amazing how things come around again.My dad went into his loft a few years back and amongst other things he brought down a pair of my 70's wedges with enormous heels that had obviously not seen light of day since 1979 (when I left home to get married the first time).Sadly I knew I wouldnt wear them again and they went to a chazza shop. Shame I didnt have daughters who could have given them another outing!

  13. Bronte looks absolutely stunning, and love the recycled jacket ... My Millie is very low maintenance too, likes nothing more than browsing through charity shops and racks at car boot sales ... long may it last, I say!

    The camping looks great fun, and love the seventies bed, bag, etc ... I've never camped and think am possibly too old to start now, but would love a little caravan in the garden ... Does that count?

    Love this post, and thanks for sharing ... xxx

  14. Hello,
    what a lovely blogg, I found you through my friend and fellow blogger the woolley dog, lovely to meet you and your special world xxxx

  15. Dear Jenny,what a beautiful daughter you have,such lovely photo's,is there anything that you're not good at? !!'bye for now Pam.

  16. I love camping, the only camping we are doing this year is in Rome....yes the old 70s joke, roaming in the garden!.....I will need to add a 70s flavour me thinks! Love Bronte and her jacket :) x

  17. Gorgeous photos of beautiful Bronte ... your camping holiday looks idyllic ... Bee xx

  18. What gorgeous photos - very 1976. The year of the heatwave and hosepipe ban that my parents endlessly talk about. Bronte is very beautiful - that hair! And I love that your tent is kitted out in FULL vintage style, you don't let your standards slip even for a moment! x

  19. What a lovely place to go camping. Your daughter is a gorgeous girl, too.

  20. Super whizzo pictures Jenny and your darling daughter looks like "modul".
    Reminds me too of the 70's Cadbury's Flake advert :)

  21. OMG....i have fallen in love with that bag....all orangy and 70s, it reminds me of me and my sisters bed sheets in the seventies,, only they were purple.

  22. Dear Jenny, I loved your photos they took me back in time and Bronte and the location are stunning! I like one of those tickets too, maybe you could set up an alternate Southsea Festival based on vintage!
    Sarah x

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  24. The photos are all so lovely I especially like the colorful one by the lake and little red shack.

  25. 15 is a good age. I'm struggling to believe that one of my girls is now 25! And too old for camping apparently, or so she said the other day! Maybe if she had psychedelic patchwork bedding she'd feel differently!

  26. What a lovely girl Bronte is! Such a fun post, I do love that the looks we adored in the 70's are back. And how splendid to have thrifty daughters instead of those who expect and think they really need everything new. LOVE that photo of the moon against the dark sky, so pretty could be framed. Minerva x