Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Just like buses.....nothing for ages then two come along at once.......

Of course watching someone else's breakfast is riveting Jenny!

Just pictures of a boiled egg!

                                                                     "That's it? "

                                                             "A BOILED EGG POST!"


"Excuse me but I have come all the way from Nebraska this morning..... FOR A BOILED EGG!" from Kandice in Lincoln

"Hang on there: I trudged over from ALASKA - full of hope and anticipation and FOUND THIS!" from Snowy Owl, Anchorage

"Yes, but I have traipsed from Budleigh Salterton...what a waste of time... time I'm never getting back..." from Doris who has never left Budleigh before

"And I flew in from Havant...used my air miles and everything...what a load of old cods" from Bethany -  originally from Dunchurch

"Just a minute... I've come all the way from Great Portland Street...why did I bother..." Kenneth from Bingfield Street originally...

(a bit of a joke there for those of a certain age!)

"Thanks for nothing... really is great...." Anon - globetrotter

"Not even a flamin' tablecloth thrown in..." Also from Anon (lots to say for themselves this morning I note)

But there is a cup of tea of course!

Ladies and gentlemen I give you...

....the perfection that is a boiled egg.

Tra la la
Fiddle de dee
Eating toast
and a boiled egg-ee............

PS: Next week the thrills and spills of paint drying.....I love to push those blog boundaries...

PPS: Please note the Marmite - I know that some you of can't abide it but it can abide with me in that case!


  1. Ha ha ha ha bless you, that has brightened up my day no end :-) Love your egg cup by the way. And talking of Marmite have you tried it on toast with Avocado because it is just simply gorgeous :-) dee x

  2. Salivating...I only had toast.....xxxx

  3. Mmm yes eggs and marmite... also marmite with avocado or indeed marmite and crunchy proper peanut butter... Marmite baby you see... do love a pretty egg cup too! Cass x

  4. Fiddle de dee.....~ Guess what i was having for breakfast whilst browsing your post...Yep Two boiled eggs and toast...Ooh life doesn't get much better...
    Smiling as always leaving you, Jenny!
    Hugs Maria x

  5. Only you can get away with it.......(shh! Don't tell anyone but I'm a marmite addict too!) :) x ps love you egg cup

  6. I don't eat boiled eggs- but after 35 years, I have learned to cook them just as my beloved likes them. Marmite on toast, however...
    And is it just me, but why are you teasing us and only showing the HANDLE of the spoon? Please show us the bowl!!
    Breakfast blessings xx

  7. Only you would make the boiled egg look so good, but I am confused where are all the other egg cups? I can't believe it doesn't have lots of company. Sarah x

  8. Funny I had boiled eggs for breakfast this morning, and made scrambled eggs for my hubby and daughter.Have not had a boiled egg in years x

  9. Yum! That toast looks delicious! Pretty cup too! I'm on my way to the kitchen to start making dinner, white chili with chicken :) Happy sweet day! xo Holly

  10. Oh, you have amused me with this post, and also encouraged me to have a soft boiled egg and toast for breakfast in about 10 hours. Marmite I do like, but having it on tomorrow's toast won't happen. I will put Marmite on the shopping list. I'll be having some delicious marmalade given me by a friend.

    Now...which of my egg cups shall hold that brown shelled egg?

    I do like your style. xo

  11. Made me smile and very hungry at the same time. Keep pushing the boundaries!
    Jacqui x

  12. Where would we be without eggs? Eggstinct? xx

  13. It's three in the morning ( I can't sleep-) and now you've made me want to eat a boiled egg... you are a powerful woman! Jane xx