Monday, 27 January 2014

Undeserving of your comments and a vintage light bulb moment!

Thank you so much once again - it is clear to all that I am pretty useless as I have still to reply to all of your kind comments and visit blogs.  As snowflakes in the sun and childhood on a sunny day - time is indeed  a fast disappearing beast..........

Glad that you liked the books - I will write another post about them at some point as there is a great deal to be said about our Mr Morris and Ms Larcombe

This is a post just about a light bulb

As a light bulb it is not very good - I cannot really see anything and certainly cannot see to sew

As a work of art it is a wondrous thing - electricity is a wondrous thing.  Lives are changed by electricity and light bulbs - that is a wondrous thing. 

Sad that I am I like to spend my spare time watching Hans Rosling giving fantastic talks using some fantastic statistics. Not everyone's cup of cha but for me he makes statistics mesmerising.   This one here is where he discusses statistics on washing machines, electricity and poverty.

 My mum did all our washing by hand.... five children and an old copper boiler...mangle being used well into the 60s....(1960s in case you were wondering - cheeky!) wash day  was full of angst.  Every day was wash day...

If you recall this post here  I stated loud and clear that I had bought a lampshade and that I 'had plans for it'.  The plan was to use it in this room along with some other 'items' that I was going to have hanging from the ceiling......however I have changed my mind...for now at least.

For now it is just a naked bulb!

Talking of inventions -  late last year  I stepped outside the front door to find this on my doorstep....

It is good to know that I am not the only one prone to eccentricities! I think that several people received a delivery that day

You can Google Mr Sollitt if need be.....

PS: Rest of light bulbs in the house of the eco low energy type. This one here is an indulgence in the light bulb world

PPS: Finally able to do a bit of sewing at the weekend - it has been a very long time since I made anything that was any good.

PPS: I LOVE the BBC's 'Fake or Fortune' programme! I know that there are great deal of you out there who love your thrillers and murder mysteries but for someone like me, who can only get her head round non-fiction (no imagination sadly),  the dicing and splicing of real life is the better option!

PPPS: Finally sifted through one or two embroideries to put on the wall opposite this light bulb - I have photographed them so WILL create a post on that very subject.

PPPPS: As of February I will be much busier work wise - hang on that would be this SATURDAY.....roll on Spring...


  1. Dear Mr Sollitt - thank you for your genius
    It was a special treat each year when Dad went to his annual conference in London, he would return with a box of After 8s for my Mum.
    My favourite After 8s advert [at the time of 'Upstairs Downstairs', I think] was the one with the 11 paper packets in serried ranks, and under each was the name of a different London Square [Grosvenor etc] and in the 12th place, nothing - and below it the label "Eaton Square"
    Happy Memories!!

  2. Oh I love that light bulb! It's so pretty and old looking!! :) Have a happy new week! xo Holly
    ps your background and header are so cute!! :)

  3. A 'real' light bulb is indeed a beauteous (doesn't look right!) thing and I can't imagine having a ligh bulb moment with a halogen one ... wouldn't be right, it needs those filament thingamabobs.

    Your poor mother ... 5 children and no washing machine ... no wonder she was filled with angst.

    Have just googled Mr Sollitt, what an invention!

    Leave the lightbulb as it is, in all its glory, and thank you for visiting Thriftwood earlier, you're always welcome!

    Love Claire xxx

  4. We cpuld never have used the expression, 'having a light bulb' moment, without these little beauties.
    Jacqui x

  5. Hi Jenny, still reeling from your 'Ravilious saucers' revelation on my blog! This is a beautiful bulb indeed, and I enjoyed your book post very much. Fiona

  6. That lightbulb is indeed a work of art, not something I've ever really studied up close! I had to google Brian Sollit , but how nice to find that on your doorstep!

  7. Hi Jenny thanks for popping over,I don't get many comments(sniff sniff!!) so it means a lot that you keep in touch.I'm tying to learn crotchet at present and FAILING!!So I popped over to yours for a welcome break, before I throw the crotchet hook out of the window!! I love your jugs! the flowers in them are indeed are cheery tonic for a gloomy day.Ttfn Pam.

  8. Beauteous bulb full of lively personality - here in the States they have become persona non grata, in favor of the latest fuel efficient fluorescent models. Much is lost through "progress" I'm afraid. I find I resist it on every hand, except when it comes to visiting dear friends via blogs. Hugs!! Ann