Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Just like buses....nothing for ages then three come along at once.............

A warm welcome to new followers - I WILL call round eventually and have a nose in your cupboards!

 I am rather partial to colour and pattern.


Oh dear - is it that obvious...

These cups and jug were twinkling at me whilst at the car boot back in the Spring of 2013......made by Portmeirion

 You will be shocked I know...


I really, really don't

 But these are so purdy with that colour and pattern..... I was drawn to them  like a child to a moth to custard to ....

What a super, duper design

I have a post lined up regarding  my jugs....


My top tip for today is:  If it is cheap enough just buy it and worry about where you are going to put them later (crikey....where AM I going to put them.....??????)

Better call in THE BUDGER UPPER

PS: As you can tell from the flowers this is a post from the post bank - I am not able to make Spring flowers bloom in January!!  Today was its moment for some reason - perhaps because the gloom of today needed some cheeriness

PPS:If you have never been to Portmeirion please do try and visit - it is a special place 

PPPS: I am not really here today so I have set this to go off with the timer thingy : today I am in London circulating on the Number 68 omnibus - one of the finest routes in town!

PPPPS: Just for you Angela I have dug around The Custard archives (very dusty!) and late last night (writing this last night) I found these:

 I have some 'proper' coffee bean spoons too.  I may have one or two others........I am rather partial to a nice spoon....

Thank you for asking Angela - these photos would never have seen the light of day otherwise!

PPPPPS: Also thank you Sarah for asking about other egg cups...I may have one or two (we all have our addictions and I neither smoke or drink...very much....never had a pedicure, 90% secondhand.... so....) and delved in to The Custard archives again but only found these for now:

 Sometimes making breakfast is a bit of trial (I am JOKING here!)

Handy things egg cups!

Tra la la fiddle de dee
I am in London
Having a cup of tea


  1. Tra la la tiddle dee dup I used to have the chicken egg cup! A timer eh? What a clever Custard! Jane x

  2. Ahh Jenny! I havent visited for a week or two. Hope you are well! I am not familiar with this Portmerion design, attractive as it is, though I do have a couple of the botanic garden design plates which I love. The egg cup collection is great too!

  3. I like that design. Check out my new kitchenette thingy all painted up. It looks great, I need some of your stuff to put on it now! Jo x

  4. I agree Portmeirion is a wonderful place to visit - with or without Patrick McGoohan,

    And THANK YOU so much for the spoon pictures- I feel truly honoured to have been mentioned. They are utterly delicious - I love the shape, and the pastel coloured beans on the handles.

    I shall be having tea in London at Half Term, I hope!blessings xx

  5. I knew there had too so more egg cups! I love the Portmerion design, I haven't seen this design before either. Sarah x

  6. Reporting that I did have a soft boiled egg as part of my breakfast on this very chilly New York City day. I chose one of my egg cups that seemed to be a bit too large for my egg. No matter. I'd timed the soft boiling pretty well to match the bread toasting and buttering and breakfast was a treat. No time to even think of a photo, so it's fun to see more of your egg cup gathering this evening.

    Have a great time in London. I'm making a note of the 68 route for my next visit over there. Portmeirion is a place I have not yet seen except as part of The Prisoner, all those years ago.

    Best wishes!

  7. OMG you have so many nice things my heart beats fast when all see all the vintage designs and patterns i just love them all, and that tray is gorgeous. Have a great time in London. dee x

  8. I hope you enjoy London! I love Portmeirion, all the patterns and shapes! The poppy seed heads on this are so wonderful. And I especially like your idea about buying it if cheap enough and worry about where to put it later. x

  9. I think the Portmeiron looks lovely and agree about the buy now ( quick, before someone else nabs it!) and worry about where to put it later philosophy. I have been known to ponder too long only to find that the item in question has been snaffled by someone else.

  10. what a lovely colourful post - i really like the spoons!!!! hope you have had a spiffing time in london mrs custard xx

  11. Your Magic Garden mugs and jug are irresistible. Surely, it would have been insane NOT to have bought them? But you have very upmarket car boots in your part of the country; I am jealous. And of course, like many other of your loyal followers I dare say, I am regretting clearing out my egg cups. I mean just cos we never eat boiled eggs, that's no reason for not having any, is it?

  12. Portmerion- ah, happy memories- I spent my honeymoon there, a very long time ago! Love the little spoons, I'm fond of spoons. Jane xx

  13. Tra la la fiddle de dee you could have come and had a cup of tea with me.
    Next time warn us all ahead.

  14. Sorry I missed this cheery post earlier Jenny, it's lovely :)

  15. Oh my I never thought I'd meet anyone else who'd NEVER had a manicure or pedicure!! I had someone threaten to give me one once, but I steadfastly resisted - "I've never had one, and I'm not starting!" Most un-gracious of me, but it's a matter of principle now - haha. Portmeiron - I drooled over it prior to my wedding, but it was all so expensive - yay for the car boots of great taste in your spot of the world :) Aloha with hugs, Ann

  16. I love your spoons (and the egg cup they are displayed in). You mention they are coffee bean spoons. Do you have any other info about them? Any markings? What I like about them is that they don't have the "coffee bean" imprint like other similar spoons. Yours are perfectly charming!