Thursday, 30 January 2014

Pea Pod Pot

Just like buses...nothing for ages and then four come along at once....

Something a little more 'modurhn dahlink' for today (well modurhn by my standards at least)

Late 50s, early 60s pea pot, no lid.......I have a few other bits similar to this that I have been 'saving' for the day we get the kitchen 'done' (not neutered!).

I have been saving money steadfastly for two years or more and now have enough for a new actual kitchen may take some time.......

Dom says that our old boiler (30 plus years old and annual service costs the price of a small car...) is fine and has another few decades left in her.

He may have got the 'Old Boiler' mixed up with my good self at some point.....................

I am rather partial to a nice bit of fabric that 'goes with' a nice bit of pottery.  I like things that 'match' but not in a direct matchy sort of way

'Any ideas anyone?

Thank you for your two penny worth Arthur

No, I mean 'matchy' in a sort of blendy, 'that goes with this' sort of way

'Ah yes - perfect sense now' 

 Thank you Arthur

In truth I have spent recent spare time 'CUPBOARD SORTING'.  

You can only imagine the enormity of such an undertaking

Thank you so much for calling and I read all of your comments with great delight 

This is the end of my daily bloggo postings - I will resume the 'now and again' postings

 I cannot keep up with myself let alone this blog!  

I have to get back, get back, get back to where I once belonged.....


  1. What a shame your daily blogs are ceasing, I was just getting used to them! I love the pea pot and looks so good against that lovely fabric.
    Sarah x

  2. that's a shame you brighten my day with your lovely photo's and witty sayings!!!! but of course i fully understand you haven't got the time to write everyday x

  3. Oh how I love your new pot, its just lovely and the fabric x

  4. Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner
    But he knew it couldn't last.
    Jojo left his home in Tucson, Arizona
    For some California grass.
    Get back, get back.
    Get back to where you once belonged
    Bestets d x
    Ps this is not Spam although I am not averse to a slice from time to time.....xxxx

  5. I love this combination. Fresh green is good to see at the moment.

  6. Im so sorry to hear you are no longer going to post :(
    But I understand that everything gets too much sometimes, although I will be secretly wishing you change your mind after all you were the very first blog I started reading ever!! You got me hooked, you made me see that my hording was a normal womanly thing to do ( despite what my husband says), you made me look at things in a different light!
    So THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I will miss you xxx

  7. Lovely pea pod pot, beautiful colours.

  8. I have read all your recent posts, but not logged in quick enough to comment on any! Love all the ceramics /china you've shown, and the spoons... well I've never thought of spoons.... but now you mention it...

  9. Okay, Lo-retta. Take a little bit of blogging breaking, but please don't stay away too long.

    It's been such fun visiting here recently.

    Now...I will try to manage one post of my own before the official end of January Eastern Standard Time.


  10. I do so love your posts, and I am envious of your 'finds' the pea pod is fab..
    I shall pop in and out to catch your posts, they brighten my day..

  11. Your pea pot is exquisite ... my kind of vintage.

    And you've been spoiling us with all these posts, a little restraint will be good for us ;)

  12. I've so enjoyed your last few posts, read when I was sleepless in Salisbury, I love the pea-pods and now feel happily dozy, so night, night- Jane xx
    ps. I didn't mean your posts induce sleep!

  13. Your posts will be missed, they're always so bright, but you're right, It's hard to keep up, reading them and writing them, I'm five days behind reading this one as it is!

  14. Love the pea pod pot Jenny, it seems very familiar though I don't think we had one, but I definitely recognise it lurking in the recesses of my mind!

    Thanks for popping over to Thriftwood, and for your kind comment, means a lot to me ...

    Love Claire xxx

  15. Ooooh Jenny don't stay away to long...missing you already. I really look forward to your cheery posts along with the fantastic pictures of your "stuff", green with envy (no pun intended) over your gorgeous pea pod pot and the fabric. Keep well, one and all and I hope you get the boiler sorted. :)
    Barbara xx

  16. I love your pea pod dish!! My favorite shade of green! I have always used the "now and then" posting method, and it works for me. No pressure. (I honestly don't know how anyone has time to do a post every single day.)

  17. What a fabulously entertaining blog with your personality poured into it! It's amazing how boilers can last for decades - as long as some people! Mine's 20 years old an still going strong. I'll have to ask the wife about matching ideas for your kitchen as it's not my strong point and I'd end up making things clash, not match.

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating