Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Bag in the making

It would be very nice if my photos remained on my blog rather than be scattered to the four winds.  Thank you.

Now some of you will know that I am partial to a nice bag made from vintage fabrics - I have them piled on my vintage coat hooks (five deep plus in places!). Shocking really but I find it hard to give them up - even more so when I see the price of a bag in Miss Cath Kidston's Emporium!!!  Staggered that cloth bags, made with vintage fabric, cost £38!!!!!!  I spied a bag in there made from my old bedroom curtains - fortunately I still have my old bedroom curtains so....

Anyway the bag that I made last night has a vintage embroidered spring basket (topical you see!) and delicious wooden red button and ditsy daisy fabric.  Just right for trit trotting around Miss Kidston's Emporium and tut tutting at the cost of her items!!  You may have noticed that I am rather fond of exclamation marks!!!!


  1. It is pretty, the basket design is different, but very effective. Do you sell anywhere?

  2. i am madly in love with this bag! LOL!