Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Vintage cushions for a bit of cheeriness

Now I do like a bit of colour and have one of two (cough, cough)  vintage bits and pieces to try and introduce colour and pattern into the home.  Dom chose the decoration for our 'front room' (known previously as the 'other room' - this is because I was brought up in a two up, two down house and we had a kitchen and the 'other room' - gradually changed to being the 'other room' - now upgraded to the 'front room'. Phew!!).  Anyway Dom chose the colour scheme for the 'front room' and that colour was......beige!!!! Triple yuck - he is on the brink of capitulation as two girls and I keep on moaning and complaining about the dullness of it all.  I have been gradually sneaking in colourful, vintage (of course) cushions and Bronte sneakily said last night:'Let's bring colour in slowly and he won't notice...tee hee'.
Here is cushion number one:


  1. lovely colours.. should brighten up any room
    is it a tapestry type material.. looks lovely anyway!
    men are hopeless with colours i think..left to my hubby we'd live in a bland magnolia box with no furniture just a big sofa and a telly.. good job im around!!

  2. I think he will notice! It is beautiful. Going slow is a good idea,,,sort of like brainwashing, giggle. After awhile they give up...they just want us happy really. Color "is" happiness. So are birdcages, that is what I seem to drag home the most.


  3. He's just a typical man really - no imagination, but you've got to love 'em! I've no doubt you'll work your magic on this room and Dom will probably take all the credit!

  4. P.S. Love your new header Jenny, and the tiny bunting on your Easter wreath is just adorable.