Thursday, 12 July 2012

Shop refurbishment.....and blog vanishment

Pop up shop nearly completed - added the lace trim and re-arranged 'stock'....

Shop comes complete with roses...those rosy roses....

Day deceptively sunny - it was raining outside of course!

Matching bike - ho ho!!

Anyway it cheers an otherwise dull day

Shop a little on the full side - may have to downsize....

A temporary sign in situ - just waiting for the master sign writer to come along and scribe for me (anyone else left handed with rubbish hand writing out there?)

PS Alex thank you for cycling with me and letting me show you my 'haunts' - ' The Shop that rarely opens', 'The Shop that sometimes opens', the Charity shop where I take my stuff - now realise how bizarre I must seem (singing 'Any umbrellas' as I wend my way round the shop par exemple...).  Glad though that you saw my bike in action - when you said 'Do you really use it' I realised that some people must think that it is all a prop and nothing more!

I do not want to spend too much more time on Pinterest - even as I write  this there are people going through my 'drawers' (somone called Jemmina Puddleduck has been busy with my posts today I see - she has managed  to sift through lots of posts going back to last year but apparently not read a word of the blog itself) - the bunting post from yesterday is now on Pinterest as are my bag pictures from last week.  The comments that I have had regarding Pinterest where I am told people 'love my blog' I feel are pretty vacuous - love it so much we cannot be bothered to read it but we will take your photos to adorn our own pages thank you very much.  Similarly with wanting to have the photos as inspiration -  what was wrong with them being here or just saving them to your computer if need be? So it was a good idea to make it a private blog and  I am just waiting for Pinterest to get back to me to let me know how I then pursue the copyright issue if my blog is private.  All very sad as this was not what I thought would happen - I thought that a middle aged woman sharing her 'bits'would be nice and cosy (very British dare I say it).  I see on Pinterest my photos with comments such as 'I am so gonna do this' or 'I want this so much' - mmmmm, people who did not take the trouble to read what I had written.  I do very much hope that I have given people some incentive to make things and create more 'stuff' - that was the idea you see, just to share here.

Anyway it has been lovely - I only started blogging  properly in November (before that I wrote once every three months or so!) and I had lots of lovely posts lined up for everyone (got to do something during the night) - I do very much wish people to use my ideas, just not the photos.  I find I am an in perplexing world where it becomes 'my fault' for not telling people that I did not want them posted elsewhere (Pinterest seems to assume that the world knows about it so every blog in the world should say if they want they photos using - in my part of the world that is called being self-centred).  I was also hoping to celebrate 100 000 views with a wonderous give-away - I have made three lovely things (each representing something that I love bestest) and you could choose which to win.  Even that became a little soured when a friend suggested that the reason why I like to give things away (I give a fair bit away..) but not so good at accepting in return is that I like the power and control - oh dearie me nothing could be further from the truth and I winced that people might think that of me.  If I have ever sent you something free in the post do drop me a line if you feel that you now under my control!!!

My parents both left school at 14 - no qualifications, no inheritance, no 'we will give you a good start in life' stuff - my dad had no idea that people celebrated things called 'birthdays' until he was an adult (he thought birthday cards bamboozling) - I come from a time when people worked very hard indeed to get anything and I find that Pinterest represents the opposite of that ("I like that so I will have it thank you very much").  My dad was born in 1917 - a tough childhood where he had very little - he taught me always to be grateful  for what you have and that no one person is any better than another. A favourite saying (now my favourite saying) is/was: 'We all piddle in the same pot'.  We do indeed all piddle in the same pot but at the moment my pot is feeling very vulnerable.

Of course I shall end in the 'traditional' please do not post on Pinterest - not that it makes a blind bit of difference because people on pinterest apparently never read this far.  I hope to close this blog to public view in the next week or so.  Update - posted this all this morning and by this afternoon I see that indeed these photos are on Pinterest....


  1. But we, your followers can still see it ... can't we? Would hate you to disappear completely! Awful, awful people!! Have a lovely day and don't let the buggers grind you down! xxx

  2. Sorry, just wanted to say all your things look gorgeous too!Really have read your blog, and looked at pictures, but last few paragraphs engrossed (and enraged)me so much didn't think of anything else! xx

  3. Same here, I'd be disappointed if I couldn't read your blog and see the photos of your lovely stuff. It's a shame some people have to spoil things.
    Love the shop, by the way. I'd be happy to mess that up by rummaging about in it!
    Happy Thursday!

  4. So, no public view? Will followers still be able to read it? I do stop by and read and get inspiration here. I also 'Pin', but when I find something I like over there, I try and go back to the original source (if I can find it) and have been known to pop over to Google to find an original source. I think most folks don't tkae the time to do any research at all when it comes to repinning things and most don't mean any harm, just use the boards as a source of inspiration.

  5. Oh this is such sad news, I'm a long time follower but shy poster! Your daily post are my first stop when I turn on the computer each morning, strangely your little everyday bits are a comfort and joy! It would be sad for them to vanish, will we still be able to follow by invitation or are stopping completely?
    I'm so glad you're bike wasn't a prop as they suggested your tales have conjured pictures of your happy biking along the seafront in my mind!
    Maxine xx

  6. Please don't disappear completely. When your blog goes private please may I be a member of the club? I love your pictures. I love the colour. I love the way you display your shop. I love the harking back to a previous era when yes people did have to work hard for things and appreciated them a little more because of that. I love that you put things to a different use thus giving them a new life. And yes I do read your blog not just look at the pretty pictures because I find the words just as interesting. As to Pinterest, I can honestly say because of what you have said I don't go anywhere near it and I will not add my number to their viewing counter. Keep you chin up. Philippa xx WendyRoomCreations

  7. Hello Jenny,
    Gosh so much to think about here, It will be a sad day to say goodbye to your blog, shame on these people, I cannot understand pinterest, i had a short spell on there and really didn't get it, in fact it was all rather boring.
    I think I had a similar upbringing to you, work hard, be grateful, my Dad always says you don't get nuthink for nuthink!! even if it is just in return for being kind. I think today people just expect to have whatever they want whenever they want it. Sad really.
    My pictures end up on pinterset all the time, I do get fed up about it, sadly some people are just takers. I have decided on my part that if I post photos for everyone to look at, they will be used by others, wrong but just the way it is. I'm not sure there is any way to stop it. I'd like to think it won't get them very far in life, pinching other peoples ideas.

    Your pop up shop is just lovely by the way..... you are unique, one of a kind and undeniably you, as we all are,

    P.S.....if you like giving things to people, i'd say you go for it, why does their have to be an alterier motive? xx

  8. I felt sad reading your post and you have made some kind comments on my blog, I am also a bit hypocritical as I do enjoy putting pics on pinterest but I know you did not like this so have never used your images, which are beautiful and inspiring by the way. I love things that remind me of my childhood and represent memories for me and now that both my (frugal) parents are gone they mean even more somehow.
    The" concept "of pinterest is fine but unfortunately these things get turned into commodities and the lines get blurred. also many companies and business use it too so people don't think of these images as being intellectual property. I know it is irritating and upsetting to feel exploited in this way but I love looking at your blog and the things that you make and I hope that you continue to be yourself and enjoy doing it and not let unimaginative copying types get you down too much!

  9. Oh Gosh, I can only echo what the others say above. I adore your blog, your wonderful writing and your gorgeous pics. xx

  10. Hi Jenny,

    I love reading your blog and I am sorry that you have been put in this position.

    I was so happy when you sent me some of your gorgeous bunting which I have hanging in my bathroom and I love it, it was very kind of you. I definitely think I may now be under your control though as I am unable to stop myself seeking out and purchasing tablecloths, tins, baskets, christmas baubles.......the list goes on and on! My hubby will be pleased to know that I am indeed helpless and it is all your fault! Hee hee!

    Seriously though, I do hope that one way or another I will still be able to follow your blog when it becomes private as I would definitely miss you!.

    Warmest wishes,
    Helen xxxx

  11. Hi Jenny, I was quite surprised to read your blog - from a Pinterest pin! I adore pinterest, and have never considered that someone might feel that there things were being rummaged through or 'taken'. I love looking at the amazing talented and beautiful things that people from around the world are able to make and create. The things I have pinned are treasures to me, valued and respected. I definitely draw inspiration from what others have pinned, however would not consider pinning from a website that or blog spot that has requested not to be pinned. Please don't tar all pinners with the same brush, as I guess it's like all things in life - it can be used or abused. I have read and enjoyed your blog and adore your pictures, and if it was me, I'd be flattered if someone enjoyed them so much they pinned them! BUT...they are your pictures and as such should be treated as you would like. I have learned something from what you've said, and will make certain that permission is given before I pin anything in future. I'm so behind I don't even know HOW to join a blog so I have to go online and put in the website to find it again!! Do keep up the amazing work you do, as it is inspiring to others, and forgive pinners that don't know any better. Barb

    1. I am glad that you adore pinterest, I am glad that you would be flattered and I am glad that you gain a lot from it - I am sure that applies to many people I just didn't want my photos there...that's all. The fact that they are shows that the blog is not read by them & they are just looking for photos for their own pages. I thought that with Pinterest you were supposed to check/ask about photos first - maybe not. I do not mind this blog not being read, I do not mind if it is just me and one or two others sitting down having a chat, I do not mind if it only me looking at it! I wished for this blog to be a place for reciprocity - 'I will show you mine if you show me yours' type of place (just how flickr used to be for me)or if you don't have a blog that is equally fine, just drop in now and again if you are able. I most certainly did not wish this blog to be a debating chamber on the use of imagery - just a place for my 'stuff' and now that 'stuff 'is scattered. As a fellow nurse, where I spent years caring for others at difficult and stressful times, this was a place for me, my refuge and my bits and bobs. I don't want to be in a position where I feel I need to 'defend' what I think and justify my own comments as I don't think that I have done anything wrong. That's all really

  12. Lovely matching bicycle! And the glorious banners/bunting, I can see my 2 little girls adoring it overhead their tea parties, or story time of the classics, or their usual little dances and dress-up. I am so sorry for te stress Pinterest has caused you. Altho many online are takers. I myself found you through a weekly from Pinterest! Guess that would make me one of those minority who would read on. If I didn't live across the pond in the (Canadian prairies), I should really like to visit your traveling store! Thanks for the beauty you impart. I'd love to add you to my read list on my blog-but I will wait for your approval. Creating is a funny thing, I believe that every person has some capacity for some creativity, doesn't mean we should go copying each other all the time. I make homemade deodorant as both gifts and for sale, yet you wouldn't believe how often I get asked for the recipe, even by others who'd like to sell it too. I hope for you that your Pinterest publicity turns into a blessing in the end!

  13. I really enjoy reading your blog as well as looking at the photos, and I think you have a wicked sense of humour. Although I think Pinterest can be a useful inspiration/moodboard type thing for some people (I personally don't use it) I do think permission should be asked before using photos. It is perfectly within your rights for you to say you do not want your photos "pinned", as after all they are YOUR photos which took your time and effort and often feature things you have made. You do not want someone else taking credit for this. Also with the people saying they want to copy your ideas, this worries me. Surely the point of being creative is to put your own mark on things, bring a little of your personality to something, not mindlessly copy someone else's idea? Yes be inspired, but do not copy. And as for the control thing, it sounds like you are just generous, and maybe your tough childhood without masses of possessions has made you feel a little guilty about accepting gifts? You certainly don't sound like you try to wield power over others!

  14. Hi Ms. Custard,
    I had pinned your gorgeous fabric covered trunk 18 weeks ago. Pintrest user GardenOfDasies kindly informed me that you requested your photos not to be pinned. I took it down. I just wanted to apologize for hurting you. I had pinned directly to your blog and used your photo for inspiration in lining an old trunk. [My motivation for pinning is in an organizational way. I have folders on my computer where I had saved lovely bits from here and there but after a while I forgot where the images came from. With Pintrest I have the link right there.] Thats beside the point. I really am sorry you feel violated. I think this is a stunning blog and hope to be allowed to follow along. Some blogs have it so when you go to pin an image the photos are sort of blocked. Under The Sycamore is one example. I don't know how you go about getting that taken care of but that sounds like exactly what you need. I wish you the best!

  15. This is my first time here, got your address from another blogger. I am just amazed at everything here!!!! One day I hope to make it to England, just to shop places like yours!!!!! I will be sure NOT to use any of your photos anywhere ...:) I just like stopping in and seeing what is going on "across the pond"....
    Happy Holidays!!!!
    Sandy @ 521 Lake Street