Friday, 20 July 2012

Normal service....and 'sticking to craft/vintage fairs to share your wares'

I hope that all is well with yourself
I have not been a productive as I should have been methinks - never mindy other things beckon.
I have finished some purses and bags that would otherwise have remained dormant for another year or two...
This embroidery above is an old bag of mine that I have unpicked to give it some fresh innards! I remember that I sold its 'twin' a few years ago for 4.99 and the woman who bought it emailed to say  that it was too cheap!
I made some purse thingys with some embroideries and lace
Sadly this will not be finished because I cannot decide about which button to use - I like this one because it reminded me of a thatched roof...but there are others...

This photo is wonky

And they are out of sequence

Made 'Bunty' bags for the 'Chalky White' entrants

and then made a bag to put the 'Bunty' bags into...

Do you remember that bit of cathedral window that I made?  I made it into a cushion in the end.  

Bronte did some labels and I thought it rather sweet that she had drawn this picture of a teeny tiny wabbit!

I liked our labels and its own little 'Bunty' bag 

For years I have always given a little scrap lavender thingy with anything that I have sold or given away - I have made some for each purchase (I have not made that many - this basket is for a child and it is teeny!).

All sorts of stuff and nonsense

I love those two cats trying to fathom the sum out!

Tatty bye everybody...tatty bye


  1. Wonderful, beautiful, lovely things to look at that brighten this dull day. I love the Bunty bags. Well actually I love everything. I wish I could use my time as productively. xx Philippa xx

  2. I know this is going to sound apologies upfront.....but when I look at all this stuff you have done I have this glow of recognition of a kindred spirit..the reworking of vintage embroideries, needlepoints, tapestries and old schoolgirl annuals, the freebie lavender sachets.....this is what I love to do too. So pleased to have found your blog - it's lovely. (Will stop gushing now.)

    I know the 'which button to use dilemma'...must say, that one you have up there is fab. As is the floral purse.

    1. Thank you so much wendz - it would be lovely to meet up with you one day. Of all the dilemmas in the world 'button choosage' is not to bad to have!

  3. Such loveliness Jenny but Oh to have your energy...

    1. Batteries run out today Cass! Sorry to have missed you yesterday - I hope that all is well

  4. Wow! My eye stuck by those bags. really superb.
    poop bags

  5. I love the 'bunty' bags! One of my cows is called 'Bunty'
    I've been looking for an adult sized basket like your teeny one!

    1. Oh Gill - I had one of those last year that I lined with some vintage polka dot fabric. Sorry that I don't have it now but I will keep my beady eye out if you like