Monday, 29 October 2012

Autumnal brooches

Thank you as always for kind words and comments - in our busy lives it is greatly appreciated

I have little to no expensive jewellery - no diamonds or precious stones - just one or two bits that were my mums and some old Edwardian bar brooches that I bought as a teenager (my sister and I would buy them from a local market very, very cheaply - not changed much in price in the intervening years!). Oh - I have just remembered that I did have the most beautiful James Fenton enamelled necklace (circa 1900 and quite wonderful here is a picture of the brooch version...).  When the Homes and Antiques mag came to call I did something that I have never done before - I hoovered the top of the mantlepiece (it is above head height so cannot see the top of the shelf but just waved the hoover in the general direction....!).  It was not until some weeks later I realised that I had hoovered up my necklace (not sure why I had so carefully placed it there for safe keeping...)  and disposed of it in the bin.....a moment to reflect upon that.....

 I gave up wearing jewellery when the children were little (too  much pulling) and also after loosing too many nice things....But I do like home made vintage costume jewellery.  In keeping with the autumn theme here are some of my old brooches - these wooden bead ones were all given to me by my sister (when I write this blog I am amazed by how much my oldest sister gave to me when I was young).  I also have some little bead men that she gave to me that I used to wear as earrings.....

I love these brooches - tattered and torn but mean a great deal to me

Of course I could remake the felt backing and make a brand new one...that wouldn't be quite the same would it... (mind you they look as though they could do with a dust!)

I could eat these

This suede brooch I have also had for about 30+ years..maybe even 40 - again from my sister

I think that she also gave me this one - not too sure now as it was so long ago

A charm all of their own

Stepping back to admire the tablecloth back drop

This tablecloth was bought a couple of years ago from the car boot.  The man selling it had a van load of wonderments - most of it in clear plastic bags and I was not sure if I could believe what I was looking at.  I know next to nothing about lace etc and this all looked so pristine and so intricate I thought it must be new machine made modern copies.  This tablecloth was a bit dusty and had a mark so looked as though it had some age to it - for £6 I decided I would risk it for a Swisskit.

After posting these photos on Flickr I was advised to post it on the American Ebay textile forum for further probing - I had some wonderful sage advice. It was indeed hand made and very special - I was also advised to go and buy all the other bits.....but I never saw that van again. This last photo shows the reverse!
It is very large and quite marvellouso

Remembered that some of these brooches and my old embroidered ones features in a previous post about Bronte's Blythe doll coming for vintage tea 
Copying one of the photos again here - same old nonsense going round and round.

I hope that you have an enjoyable half term 
Best wishes


  1. What is it about old brooches? I used to have a collection, but I put them up for sale keeping only the ones that belonged to my mum and grandmother.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. I'm like you, I have no jewelry of any value, except my wedding ring, that too is an old one! I do have a couple of old brooches that belonged to my Grandma, a little fur hedgehog and a lavender embroidered one. Lovely colours in you post today! Ada :)

  3. What a lovely post Jenny.
    I love brooches and I find yours beautiful.
    I am like the ladies above,my jewellery is passed down to me, but means the world to me because of this..
    I must agree with you Jenny about the script for the Paradise!! hehe.
    I did have a chuckle at your comment and my only thoughts are, could I come and work for you!
    wishing you an enchanting week..
    Love Maria x

  4. Hello Jenny:
    Your treasured brooches look lovely and really do, in our view, deserve to be worn. They look particularly autumnal in design and would surely look perfect at this particular time of the year.

    Recently, our Brighton neighbour had unearthed from the attic a 1960s 'Caroline's House' dolls' house which we were reminded of by your last photograph.It was such fun playing with all the retro pieces and remembering our own childhood homes and their furnishings.

  5. Oh my ... the lace tablecloth is beautiful ... what a treasure ... love the brooches too ... I am quite partial to a brooch :) ... how unfortunate about your lovely necklace ... Bee xx

  6. Like the other ladies above I don't have any valuable jewellery, just my wedding and engagement rings. Having worked with children for so long and having things pulled off, I decided to leave it off was a better idea!

    Your brooches with the fabric pulled over the frame are reminding me of something I had many years ago, I'm pulling this from the depths of my memory, framed flowers and then they were dipped in coloured liquid and left to dry and heyho a flower arrangement. Does anyone else remember them?

  7. I love brooches. More likely to be seen wearing a brooch than a necklace. Love the Blythe doll.

  8. Your brooches are lovely and have so much more character than those made with jewels. I used to have a few different ones one I used to wear. I haven't woren them for ages thank you for inspiring me to dig them out!
    Sarah x

  9. Absolutely gorgeous tablecloth Jenny - what a great find and I love the flower brooch :)