Saturday, 27 October 2012

The kindliness of bloggers - Oooh Betty, The Green Orchid and Barbara

I have delayed posting these lovely photographs because I have been waiting for a sunny day but that has taken far too long!
In no particular order I would like to express my deep thanks to Oooh Betty for her lovely giveaway prize that I was fortunate enough to win.  Oooh Betty's sewing skills are perfection and the little bag was a delight

Bronte was very taken with her and she now lives in Bronte's bedroom

What a fine display of loveliness  - all beautifully presented

We were greatly taken with this clock - tick tock - I feel a little chalet chic display coming on....

Next I did a little swop with Barbara and she very kindly sent me these package of loveliness below - I am particularly looking forward to sewing the purple poppy seeds and I loved the envelopes (reminded me of my first weeks pay)

Barabra's works is wonderfully pretty and delicate - teeny stitches and wonderful combinations of fabrics.  Lovely choices for this extra special needle case

And a surprise package from  The Green Orchid- what a fabulous tea towel (should I use it??) with marvellous graphics.  A great mix of seeds (thank you for the instructions too)  - hollyhocks are a particular favourite of mine so again looking forward to seed sowing season

Thank you all kindly for kindness and cheeriness on these colder, darker days
Best wishes


  1. No don't use it Frame it!
    Daisy x

  2. I agree...don't use it, frame it, it's fab - tea towel envy :)

  3. What lovely gifts you received ... love the Ooooh Betty parcel ... have a lovely weekend ... oh, the tea towel ... definitely frame it ... it's great ... Bee xx

  4. I've got one of those pay envelopes. It wasn't quite my first (the first was for strawberry picking), it was my second and I still have it. I was aged nine and I spent a week picking potatoes. I remember it being very hot but I refused to take my t-shirt off because I didn't have a vest on (modest little me). Talk about child labour. What lovely gifts you have had this week. I wouldn't do anything drastic with the tea towel either. Philippa xx

  5. Soo pleased you all seem to love my little tea towel, it had been hiding away in a suitcase so thought it deserved to be rehomed with dear Jenny... I just love the little sweetie from OOOH Betty... Cass x