Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas and baubles in a bowl

Thank you for your very kind words on 'Lantern' post - they are jolly and were duly erected again last Saturday.  Welcome also to new followers.

We spend little on presents, little on food (lemonade being a big treat!) so Christmas is not a crippling time financially but I do like my decorations and that is not onerous to do.  Things get changed around each year - some nice things may not appear for a while and then turn up again.

Over the years I have done all sorts of things with the old baubles - following on from the 'brooches in a bowl' post here are the 'baubles in a bowl'.

I added to the baubles the other day - amongst all the more recent decorations in a box were all these little glass ones - nestling for 10p each.

I particularly like these very small concave ones

I saw this tin below for sale on a vintage web site a year or so ago - it was pricey (though sold pretty quickly) - however,  if you wait long enough a cheaper one will turn up.....and it did.

Took this whilst watching Nigella in Venice......is it me or has she gone a bit daft?

I transplanted the Quality Street into the tin below - the children are not aware and they have not looked in the tin...I think that they assume it is full of the usual nonsense....I am working my way through the green triangles....then on to the purple ones...

Aberrant robins muscling in on the bauble post...

I won the knitted Nativity in the local church fete a few years ago

Last years bauble idea....! (note the Chinese lanterns on the plate!!!)

...I know....

Year before that.....

Doily bowls are very easy to make with diluted PVA glue and then you have a nice tra la la for bits

The tin above I think is one of the first that I ever bought....a few years ago.  I lined it and use it for mince pies

I no longer have this bauble tablecloth...

Sometimes the baubles go on the tree!

What the MAHOOJAH!  

I think that this went to live with you Trude? Daftness - but something that the children can help make.

I have had a ruddy good clear out of Christmas stuff this year and will continue 'refining stock' .  More tins and tablecloth post still to come if time allows. Due to Blogger deletion I am trying to revive my Crusty post from memory....sadly my memory is not what it was....

Resolutions being forged and broken in one deft movement.....

I will be blog visiting today - so put a mince pie in the oven please and throw another log on the fire

 I am very grateful that our children are safe and sound with us this Christmas and always.  My heart goes out to others


  1. I don't know why (well I do actually, its my eyes)
    but I read this post as 'custard in a bowl' and really I do expect you to post about custard one day?
    Who is Trude?
    Merry christmas darling jenny, you a bright star on a grey day ...
    bestest to you and yours
    Daisy x

  2. Good grief, such wonderful pics and I'm not even a Xmas fan ( I know!). Nigella, daft you say? Why's that? I didn't see the programme. Love that you've transplanted the choccies into that rather gorgeous tin. Good on ya. xx

  3. My daughters think Nigella and the Hairy Bikers should do panto together... Anyway, I am in awe of your baubles - is one allowed to say that? Well, you know what I mean. I found an old leather shopping bag in the attic of the first house I bought - it was full of little glass baubles. I rescued as many as I could and we still use them, but they are now very delicate and shabby, still, I like to think the old lady I bought the house from, would be happy.

  4. I have serious bauble envy...I am definately using the 'old tin' for chocs trick great idea! I echo your sentiments regarding family.I feel very lucky.

  5. Wow! those decorations are absolutely beautiful
    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. I love the old glass ornaments the best. We have a vast array of old and new and they all feature on our trees.

  7. Is it wrong to covert another vintage bauble collection?

    I have 5 glass baubles left over from my childhood tree - I can only dream of finding them some friends - our charity shops never have any and the carboot sales the same :(

  8. You have such a beautiful collection of baubles to display! In a bowl, on an egg cup, hanging from the tree... just so long as I can see them. :-)

  9. Lovely festiveness Jenny! You've made me laugh again quite a bit, but especially your use of the word 'ruddy' ? For some reason this always makes me laugh! I think nigella's always been a bit daft, but have gone off her now she's not flying the curvaceous flag quite so much. Never trust a skinny cook as they say.

    Your baubles are lovely and I love the different ways you use them

    Love Claire xxx

  10. Nigella's deffo gone more than a bit daft. I don't watch it anymore. Gone off old Nigel Slater too - want to slap him half the time, and speed him up a bit, so stopped watching that one as well. Might be that I'm becoming a grumpy old cow.

    But your decorations and bauble are so lovely. Wotalotugot. :)

    Am eyeing the doily bowls with a degree of interest - I have piles of unused doilies...hmmmmm...thinking....

  11. Wow such great ideas of how to decorate with baubles, you should write a book on vintage decorations! I love your idea of reusing old tins too, mine would never think of looking in there either!
    Sarah x

  12. Love the secret hiding place for the Christmas chocolates, Jenny!~ And those baubles are delicious.... Leaving you with a few 'Twinkles' of the season..***
    Love Maria x

  13. what a lovely baubly post! I think I better get mine out now! Heather x

  14. What lovely baubles, I love the way they move around each year! I have strung up along a shelf edge this year. Have a fantastic festive season x

  15. Well its all beginning to look like Christmas!! I love those glass baubles and the beautiful old tins have so many tales to tell..
    Warm Seasons Greetings
    Thea x
    P.S. Jenny, I popped your mince pie back in the oven, I hope you like them crispy !!

  16. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013

    I love your baubles Jenny...bauble envy.
    I'm going to see how my baubles look on my tiered cake stand.
    I used to love the green foiled, chocolate triangles, haven't had any for years....will see what the shops have left after Christmas in the sales :)

  17. Got the mince pies warming, Jenny, not to mention the mulled wine... Loving your beautiful baubles, I never seem to find any, except in Lewes last Saturday, at £4 each!!! I've missed your posts recently. Wishing you and all the family a very merry Christmas.
    Hen xxx

  18. What a simply beautiful collection of christmas ornaments ... I adore those concave baubles ... so pretty ... thanks for sharing ... Bee xx

  19. What a pretty collection of Christmas baubles and I love the knitted nativity! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  20. We used to have those pretty concave baubles too. When I was a child I used to love poking my finger into the centre and then denied it was me when they broke, glass everywhere. I love the tablecloth, shame you no longer have it. I bought another couple a week ago - yet more for my collection but completely essential of course! Philippa xx

  21. Those little baubles are wonderful! Thanks for visiting me, did you enjoy your mince pie! I would love to find a quality street tin from my childhood, it was a pink one with soldiers on, ill find one, eventually! :)

  22. Love all your baubles! My mum's favourites are the QS green triangles too. I have been trying to find a bag/box/tin of just the green triangles, but haven't had any joy this year. Any ideas anyone?

  23. All festive and lovely - a Christmas tradition like nuts and dates, so very beautiful.

    Nina x

  24. I love those little concave baubles, so nostalgic and pretty. I am well impressed with you winning the knitted Nativity, wow what a brilliant prize. I bet they take ages to make.
    I must say that I too have been refining my festive decorations this year,I like to accumulate/make extra decs each year and then have a year like this one when I "cull" my stock xox Beautiful photos of festivities xox Penelope

  25. Dear Jenny,LOVE the bauble pictures they are soooo pretty, I have vintage baubles on my tree this year, I like to think of all the other trees they have hung upon over the years.Happy Christmas to you.Warm Regards Pam.

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  27. That first picture is just perfection! How on earth do you find so many of the pretty ones with the painted decoration? In awe, as ever...

  28. Dear Mrs. Custard, Today I am sharing with my circle of lovely friends your charming blog on my own Creative Breathing. It is a temporary post in respect to your wish not to have your content copied. The ladies that visit me come to read every word, I promise they will do so as well here. Thank you for all that you share, an inspiring Place to Be! Elizabeth

  29. Dear Jenny, thank you very, very much for sending me such a gorgeous Christmas card but you didn't include your address you naughty bunny!! Please e mail me it asap so I can pop a card your way to wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year my lovely friend, Lucey xxxxx

  30. OH my I love your blog! Ms. Elizabeth from Creative Breathing was right, its something here!! Love all your vintage ornaments and all the goodness! Happy Holidays! I'm your newest follower too! Smiles, Holly

  31. Love your blog..........love the vintage ornaments. I have a few of my grandmas. I will be back to visit again. Merry Christmas!

  32. Oy jenny!
    eyes off my button box, its mine all mine - my precious
    Ha Ha ha ha ha ......ha ha ha ha
    bestest etc
    daisy j

  33. Love your baubles. I love your blog. I could spend hours here amongst your lovely treasures. I'm over from Creative Breathing. I am a new follower.