Friday, 21 December 2012

It is Christmas Day in 'The Zeitgeist' & Vintage Tablecloth Rescue Christmas seaside edition!!

This may not make a great deal of sense unless you have read previous posts and watched Crusty! I am not sure if it makes sense even if you have read those posts!!!

Festive greetings all the same

It is Christmas Day in the 'Zeitgeist'
and she has got me working again
Old Crusty is up to no good,
She is hatching a plan in her den

"If only I could get some old rope
And make it into more money
Or create a Channel 4 project
..that would really be funny"

"No - I will just have to downsize
And give La Cootard La boot
She is not aware yet
Isn't that such a hoot!"

As the paupers gather round for their dinner
I will hand out the lovely surprise
Why CK is coming to meet us
And you won't believe your eyes

For after you  have eaten
And filled up on pies - all  iced
I am going to drop you  in it
And close down 'The Zeigeist'

There is no use 'boo hooing'
'cos I am off to Channel 5
They have offered me a sitcom
It will be the time of my life.

So I am selling off  old stock
My dipped baskets and toy box too
You can all boil your heads
I am through with you!!"
(not really!)

Still have sooooo much to do so why, oh why, did I spend this morning tra la la'ing on the beach!!!

Thank you so much for kind comments on previous post - I am going to sit down with an Egg Nog and read them over the weekend as there is nothing else going on!! Yikos!
Best wishes


  1. With Christmas biscuits on the beach....that sounds lovely! Enjoy your egg nog while you read! :) Smiles, Holly

  2. Quality Street in a lovely old tin, alone on the beach, so you can scoff all the best ones - oh what fun!
    Have a good Christmas and all the best for 2013 Jenny :)

  3. I've been waiting for the next installment, she's such a fickle character, off the channel 5 indeed!
    Have a really lovely Christmas Jenny! Thank you for your visits and your humour! :) x

  4. Brilliant as ever [btw, we do not call it "Old Rope" it is "Vintage Jute" or possibly "Retro Twine"]
    KAs glue encrusted polystyrene balls look very sad alongside your truly vintage assortment

    Have a glorious Yuletide, and may 2013 be full of unexpected blessings for you and yours xx

  5. I am in the process of acquainting myself with your whimsical blog which I just adore. A little birdie told me you were over here in this corner so I came to check you out and joined! I'm way off in Alaska with my blog it's not nearly as interesting and charming as yours.

  6. Very good Jenny! Love your biscuit tin and think I'll just nip up to 'my' beach and do a bit of tra la laahing myself!

    Have a ruddy fabulous Christmas

    Claire xxx

  7. Jenny,
    You are right I have no idea about this...but it sure was fun reading it! lol I just LOVE the old biscuit tins and such that England had and has for Christmas!!!! They are so colorful and unique!

  8. Wishing you a joy full Noel, Jenny!
    ~and thank you for all the giggles always...
    Love Maria X

  9. Gorgeous tins of sweets and egg nog, it must be Christmas time!! xxx

  10. You need help.....with those chocolates!
    I've seen some strange things on the beach but that takes the biscuit (speaking of which please check out my new post).

    You are a cracker - Happy Christmas! EExx

  11. Oh gosh you make me giggle ... are there no end to your talents ... I love the poem ... thanks for the laugh ... Bee xx

  12. Dear Jenny, I fear that you are quite dotty but very amusing,Happy Boxing Day.Regards Pam.