Thursday, 14 February 2013

Vintage Valentine

Old Valentine tin and hyacinths - need a bit of colour after all that brown!
I think that I prefer the old tin from last years post here - that is in the dining room this year.  I do not have any more Valentine tins - what do you think I am !!!

Heart highlight!


An Arts and Crafts PS:

I have a little collection of enamel brooches - all dating from the early 1900s - again something that I used to buy as a teenager and I was lucky enough to buy some John Ruskin ones for a few pennies (I did not know about John Ruskin, the art critic, or indeed the Pottery at that time) .  This one however is a Murrle Bennett brooch - a design that was sold in Liberty around 1900 in a range of colours - I think red is apposite for today.  For some reason I sold a few other Murrle Bennett brooches last year and let us not forget the most wonderful James Fenton necklace that I hoovered up and put in the bin!!! However.....breath again.....I do still have my James Fenton enamelled 'Honesty'  brooch....phew! For a moment there we were in a bit of a panic Jenny

No hope....

Magpie is my middle name


  1. Hello:
    We do not really 'do' St. Valentine's Day but think your tins are most attractive.

    But even more so do we love the Murrie Bennett brooch. Something else to steal when we raid Custards Court!

    1. I shall leave the door open pending your arrival!
      Tins are about as far as I go on Valentine's Day...
      Best wishes

  2. Oh Jenny, your poor necklace!! Love the brooch though, very apt for today ...

    Have a happy Valentine's

    Claire xxx

  3. Love the brooch,
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. Dearest Jenny Magpie Cootard,
    Brooch divine...
    as ever
    D x

  5. OOO love your brooch Jenny... Cx

  6. Oh I love this year's tin a lot! Really lovely. Hope you have a lovely day Jenny. Rachel xx

  7. I'm in love with your little that possible?! :) x

  8. That brooch is gorgeous. I've never seen one quite like it. xx

  9. Such sweet Valentines! I've never seen a cute little brooch like that before, its wonderful! Happy Valentine's Day! xx Holly

  10. Love the tin and your brooch Jenny :)

  11. The brooch!!! I think my heart is going to stop - it's so lovely!

  12. Reading this post and the last I suddenly found myself wondering how you keep track of all your tins and whisks and china and stuff ... do you remember everything you have and where it is or do you have to keep lists?

    As for the brooch ... Jane took the words right out of my mouth :D

  13. still my beating heart. That brooch. Nuff said.

  14. What a beautiful brooch. And a perfect tin for today.

  15. Hi Jenny,quite a charming brooch and the two blue jugs gorgeous.My Hyacynths have died off now so hooray for daffodils!!Kind regards Pam.

  16. Lovely tin, we used to get so much variety in the Quality Street and other sweetie tins in the 50'- 70's. We had a sweetie shop & small cafe during this time so fond memories. Nice to see you joined my blog :-)

  17. Beautiful brooch! My hyacinths in my pot on my kitchen windowsill have just died...they never even bloomed properly..oh dear, not sure what I did to them? Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Karen x